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Salesforce To Use Amazon AI To Enhance Call Center Services

Sharing is caring!, the world’s top CRM giant, has announced that it would use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology from the cloud computing unit of Amazon to enhance customer service apps.

Presently, Salesforce makes use of software systems that enterprise use to house and leverage customer information such as which products and/or services have been purchased and for how long they have been a customer. This information is then used by information to solve customer issues.

The CRM giant said it will use innovative technology from Amazon Web Services for turning the spoken words of customers into text. This data can then be translated into different languages or analyzed for determining the reaction of customers on a real-time basis. Thereafter, Salesforce’s own software can interpret the text and make appropriate suggestions using data already in the Salesforce-based systems of the business like recommending answers to the questions of the customers.

Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s President and Chief Product Officer, remarked the practical effect of the software can be felt as simple as not putting a customer on hold. Taylor remarked it would shorten the time to resolution on customer calls that would be excellent for both sides of that conversation. 

The Salesforce’s President and Chief Product Officer added enhancing the efficiency of all those calls (for people who are in a contact center) is a huge saving. Taylor also remarked this also means that consumers would be able to get off the call more quickly and their problems are solved more quickly.

The software is likely to be unveiled by Salesforce in San Francisco at Dreamforce 2019 that draws tens of thousands of attendees to the city.

The association between Amazon and Salesforce brings the two giants into direct and intense competition with call center technology providers like RingCentral Inc.

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