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Salesforce Summer ’19 Overview

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Finally, the wait ends on Monday, June 17.

On Monday, June 17, Salesforce Summer ’19 Release is going to be available globally to customers. Before diving into the details of Summer ’19, let us try to understand the whole game of ‘Updates’.

Basically, Salesforce updates its platform thrice a year – Winter, Spring, and Summer. These releases by Salesforce are fundamental parts of the advantageous nature of cloud computing. Now the question arises, what do these updates bring with them? These automatic updates, without undertaking any massive upgrade project, improve functionality & performance.

Sandbox Preview Program

Sandbox Instances are split up into 2 groups – Preview and Non-Preview.

Instances that get upgraded to the newer version of Salesforce before Production Instances are Preview Instances. For e.g. NA2, EU1, and AP0.

Non-Preview Instances are those which get upgraded along with the majority of Production Instances towards the end of a Major Release.  

The popularity of the Sandbox Preview program has been illustrious and there are often backlogs in Sandbox create and refresh requests. We know that all incomplete sandboxes are reset to a Non-Preview Instance after the deadline. Thus, it is recommended to request sandbox a week in advance of the deadline to improve the chances of obtaining a completed Sandbox on a Preview Instance.

Remarkable Features in the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release

The Summer ’19 release delivers more personalized, connected customer experiences while enabling your team to work smarter with new levels of integrated data insight across your Org. Let us go through some of the significant features offered by Summer ‘19.

Enhanced Related Lists

Transcending related lists to further levels. Enhanced Related Lists give the liberty of showing up to 10 columns, resizing and sorting the columns, performing mass actions, and wrapping text.

Create & Send FreeSurveys

No license? Not a problem. With Summer ‘19, one no longer needs them for creating and sending surveys. All one needs is to be assigned any of the provided 4 profiles and there you go. Create & Send unlimited surveys that too for free!

With Quick Filters zoom through Related Lists

Now, Quick filters can be used in the related lists for finding the required data. Related list quick filters that are different from Regular list view filters.

Regular list view filters aren’t saved, persist only throughout the current session, and can’t be shared.

Now It’s 5, not 3

What is the number of recent items shown in item menus? Three? No, with Summer ‘19, five recent items are shown in item menus. Also, some styling enhancements, including separators and bold section names are available. This makes distinguishing different sections easier.

The choice between 2 Record View Options

Now, there are two record page view default options. Choice of the 2 view options, the grouped view (current view) and the new full view.

The Full view displays all the details and related lists as well on the same page. If one is transitioning to Lightning Experience, the full view is similar to Salesforce Classic.

Keep Users informed with Notification Builder

With Notification Builder, it’s possible controlling who needs to know what and when.

Customized notifications can be sent when important events occur. For e.g. alerting an account owner in case a new support case is logged in attempt to closing a deal. Earlier only Salesforce predefined standard notifications could be sent for use cases

Adopting Lightning Experience: In-App Guidance & Help Menu

Adding to the list of features, how about using clicks, instead of code to create in-app guidance for direct engagement with the users? Great? With Summer ‘19, it’s now possible. One can write their own content, include action buttons of their choice to an important URL in the prompts, pick the target audience and specify where and for how long the prompts appear.

Celebrating Sales Milestones

Summer ‘19 also facilitates management to help their teams celebrate the successes they achieve. A virtual note can be tossed when reps reach a benchmark or designated path stage. For example, winning an opportunity.

That brings us to the end of this crisp and precise overview of Salesforce’s latest update, Summer ‘19.


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