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Salesforce High-Velocity Sales for Opportunities

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In the last couple of years, the commitment to sales has transferred from traditional to digital media. And while conventional solutions for salesforce automation still value face-to-face interaction, today’s customers use email, video conference, and IP voice-over (VoIP) technologies as part of their sales process. Also, Salesforce’s power rests mainly on the structuring of its CRM and the smart use of various integrative modules. In all, it includes over 700 building blocks to improve the productivity of sales teams, support managers in management, and assists Salesforce consulting firms to facilitate developers’ work.

Selling goods and services encapsulates your company’s mission. The effort your sales representatives put into every call defines the success of your business and offers you business chances. A quick and easy way to overgrow enables your sales staff to use the most effective tools and resources for overall productivity. They need a system that provides swift, all-inclusive information and data to agree securely. Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales is a solution that improves your sales representatives’ efficiency. It’s a game-changing solution that makes your sales team’s job a lot easier, faster, and most importantly, more effective!

Let’s take a closer look at what Salesforce High-Velocity Sales have to offer.

What Is High Velocity Sales In Salesforce? 

Business development teams, sales development, and inside sales can take advantage of High-Velocity Sales’ mix of artificial intelligence (AI), phone integration, and a single-pane-of-glass view that eliminates the time-consuming practice of moving between numerous apps. Moreover, it is loaded with capabilities that will help your inside sales staff take your sales effort to new heights. Also, High Velocity Sales was created to increase inside sales productivity, particularly for reps who spend a lot of time making sales calls.

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How Salesforce High Velocity Sales Assists Sales Teams?

High Velocity Sales provides for intelligent selling and the utilization of a wide variety of benefits:


1. Allows Quick Sales: With the help of High Velocity Sales, overall sales productivity rises, allowing teams to cut the time spent prospecting and completing agreements in half.

2. Streamline Sales Cycles: High Velocity Sales help transform sales processes to perfection, making it easier for salespeople to apply tried-and-true approaches to each new lead.

3. Reduces The Amount Of Time Spent On Operational Chores: Automation and integration allow sales professionals to focus more on selling services and products by reducing manual data entry and time spent on daily routine duties.

4. Enables Smart Lead Prioritisation: The AI-powered approach analyses all of your leads’ data to determine which ones are most likely to convert.

5. Easy To Use By Non-Technical Users: Salesforce High Velocity Sales is intuitive, with a simple design and features that can be utilized with little or no training, according to user reviews.

Therefore, sales teams can enhance their productivity, engage and convert more leads in less time with High Velocity Sales. In addition, as a result of the rigorous sales cadence it offers, your company’s lead identification, revenues, and overall performance will improve.

What Are The Main Features Of Salesforce High Velocity Sales?

  1. Work Queues 

The Salesforce Work Queue (or My List), a prioritized list of activities for each sales rep, is the primary benefit of High Velocity Sales. Users may quickly and easily select who to contact next and what the best contact method for each lead is, whether it’s email, phone, or another medium, using this simple list.

The Work Queue is formed by combining two sources: a Sales Cadence of wait times and activity that a manager can construct, and Einstein Intelligence, which analyses Salesforce and predicts which leads are most likely to convert.

  1. Lightning Sales Console 

It boosts productivity by providing a highly tailored and centralized workspace. In addition, companies may tailor the Lightning Sales Console to their individual needs because of Lightning’s flexibility.

Furthermore, sales representatives are no longer asked to switch between multiple programs. Instead, within the Lightning Sales Console, sales agents are smoothly and elegantly directed through the typically complex selling process, allowing them to quickly find and engage with the best leads while also tracking the progress of each deal.

  1. Sales Cadence 

These are activity sequences established by sales reps for various categories of potential consumers. We can send an email, mark a cadet as completed, and so forth. In sales cadences, only leads, contacts, and personal accounts are supported. A lead, contact, or person account can only be included in one active sales cadence at a time.

  1. Einstein Lead Score

Einstein Lead Scoring uses deep machine learning to discover and prioritize the most likely leads to convert. The top prospects are surfaced immediately to digital sales reps via Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud. Furthermore, it provides them with the most crucial information, such as Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud-The Next Generation of Sales, among other things. Using AI 3, the sales cycle is shortened by considering the prospect’s past purchase history, geography, and job title.

  1. Email Integration

The Lightning Sales Console gives salespeople everything they need to sell faster, all on one screen, from finding critical connections to following up on leads to appraising organizations, etc. The exciting aspect is that explicit guidance across the salesperson’s activity pipeline, from prioritizing the best leads to determining the best channel and timing for communications, including email templates and call scripts, assists new salespeople to get up to speed faster.


According to recent surveys, sales professionals spend about 64% of their working time on administrative responsibilities each day, with just over 30% of that time spent on selling activities. However, with the help of numerous optimization technologies, sales staff may spend less time on everyday mundane chores, allowing them to focus more on quality leads. Thus, Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales is intended to empower inside sales and streamline internal processes for all sales-related teams. For Salesforce consulting firms, this add-on combines the best integration, automation, and AI-based capabilities to give sales reps the tools they need to boost productivity and reduce the sales cycle.

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