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Salesforce Integrated Tool For Lead Scoring in 2023

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Marketo Marketing & Lead Management solution is an easy, powerful, and complete marketing platform that helps marketers get new clients effectively, enhance deals viability, and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the revenue growth of the business.

Features and functions:

  • Scoring on Demographics (e.g. location, company size, industry)
  • Scoring on Behavior (e.g. visited pricing page, opened email, attended a webinar)
  • Product-specific scoring
  • Ability to reduce scores based on inactivity (score degradation)
  • Scoring on sales rep judgments (not just automated, but allows sales reps to decide)
  • Ability to have multiple scores
  • Ability to score off data in managed packages that are installed inside Salesforce
  • Ability to do social lead scoring (using Radian6, Salesforce for Twitter & Facebook, etc.)
  • Also, the interface to do all of this is very simple (drag and drop).

Further, it is important to note that a lead score is just a number that may not have meaning to the sales rep. The system allows the reps to view the importance of these leads using symbols (stars and flames).  Each organization can customize what the stars and flames represent and assign them value with most meaning; most often how quickly the score is growing (indicating how urgent it is to follow up with the lead) and how ideal the target is for the company (via a demographic score).


The sales function in any organization is all about conversing with your customers and supporting them through useful information that can help them reach a decision. Entering data during each step that one takes to close the deal, is a time-consuming chore. Not to mention can never be as accurate as recorded logs. This is why Fileboard logs all your sales calls and follow up activity in Salesforce.

Your calls, sent files, sent emails and notes turn up right where they belong in your accounts, leads or contacts without any effort on your part using Fileboard, thus saving you valuable time. Fileboard is the engagement layer on top of Salesforce data that helps you to score your leads. This scoring takes place based on how your leads are interacting with the communication you send across to them and how they are engaging with the live presentations you show them.

This type of lead scoring will demonstrate how likely your prospects are inclined to purchase your service or product; even those which are not, enabling you to prioritize and developing different targeting strategies.

This functionality of Fileboard makes it one of the most useful Salesforce apps.
Fileboard achieves this feat by taking into account the actions your prospects or leads take related to the communication sent over to them, and also the live meetings. Based on the engagement a score is assigned to the leads. This fills a prospect engagement gap Salesforce has not been able to fill alone.

When you are reaching out to prospects, you usually send out emails and marketing or sales collateral. But when you have hit the sent button you do not know what is happening with your email and the content you shared. Fileboard brings insights into this digital body language of your prospects by educating you with information such as:

  • when your prospect opened your email and your presentation
  • which slides your prospect viewed
  • how much time your prospect spent on each slide
  • from which location your prospect viewed your presentation

Next to this Fileboard permits you to do live presentations and share your screen with prospects. During the live presentations and screen share Fileboard also lets you know whether the participant is focusing.

Another alternative to consider is Infer. It is really simple to execute and is a lot more powerful than the customary methodology.

Infer leverages historical sales and marketing information and several external signals. As opposed to depend on human instinct to weight several variables, Infer uses machine learning to build the optimal model.

By and by, it’s incredibly easy to implement. It requires an API connection and a custom field inside Salesforce. From that point you run the model, look at the anticipated lift, and on the off chance that it looks good, you flip the switch.

FORCEWAREHOUSE – BI and Analytics for Salesforce

Force Warehouse scores leads for Salesforce by way of SAAS data mining capabilities.
This allows for a very comprehensive evaluation of any and all data associated with a lead. It automatically imports ALL of your Saleforce data, and hence can find predictors in Lead, Account, Contact and Task or any other custom objects. ForceWarehouse also has the capability of INTEGRATING all of your ancillary data such as social stats or feedback from direct marketing efforts.

It can run a number of predictive models on your leads and score them using that which produces the most accurate results. Since they are cloud-based, they pass these scores back to a custom field in the Lead object within Salesforce so that the agents can easily see the score as leads are viewed. The results are also visible through your BI interface.


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