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TaskRay Integration with Salesforce

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Are you as a project manager looking for effective ways to seamlessly manage multiple projects and track your team’s progress? As a simple and efficient tool, TaskRay steps in to help you keep up with all of your project details such as project schedules, timelines, and due dates and increase team efficiency & productivity.

What Is TaskRay?

TaskRay is the versatile project management app available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This Salesforce native project management app is designed to empower your teams to be more productive, efficient, and collaborative. Moreover, it enables you to manage, support, and track business operations across all bases. It is built on the powerful Salesforce platform to deliver consistently excellent customer onboarding by utilizing built-in, cloneable project templates and powerful reporting.

Salient Features of TaskRay

  • Assists businesses for onboarding customers more efficiently in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. 
  • Out-of-the-box functionalities provide you with an overview of key customer onboarding metrics with robust reporting & dashboards.
  • Utilizes built-in templates & automation tools to onboard customers & clients, quickly and efficiently. 
  • Minimizes the customer’s time to implement the solution & increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • TaskRay can also work for project management & project automation in Marketing, Consulting, Back Office systems, Non-Profits, and Full-suite project management.

TaskRay Customer OnBoarding Process

  1. Plan – Customize your customer onboarding process by utilizing templates, automated workflows, and robust work management tools.
  2. Deliver – Involve your sales professional, partners, and customers in your project to get deeper insights and make better decisions to deliver a successful project.
  3. Analyze – Get access to real-time and relevant data that you need to track current projects and scale onboarding efficiently.
  4. Grow – Gain deep insights that will help your teams uncover more growth opportunities and foster long-term customer relationships.

Benefits of TaskRay and Salesforce Integration

Integrating TaskRay with Salesforce can produce a wave of positive benefits for your organization. 

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the benefits of Integrating TaskRay with Salesforce. 

  • You can track all your project details such as project info, deadlines, login information, and allocation of team members.
  • Keep tabs on the status of the workstreams of your projects to improve business efficiency.
  • Determine all the tasks associated with each workstream or specific projects.
  • Track which tasks are due, who owns the task, how many hours were estimated for task completion, and how much time it actually took.
  • Effective allocation of resources would help project managers to plan and assign resources to project and manage them effectively.


In a nutshell, TaskRay includes all the project templating & automation functions and time-saving features necessary for Salesforce project management. It is one of the top-rated enterprise customer onboarding solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange to manage your projects with ease and improve efficiency in your business.

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