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Upcoming Webinar-Scrum Master and Product Owner Advantage

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Wondering how to create a successful and effective product with Agile Scrum methodology? Want to know how Agile Scrum Methodology can help you with some of the most amazing and wonderful features to boost your team’s productivity and product quality? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Cloud Analogy, one of the leading Salesforce development and consulting companies, is thrilled to announce its upcoming interactive and one-of-a-kind webinar on Scrum Master and Product Owner Advantage. The webinar will be presented by Malika Pathak, the Chief Operating Officer at Cloud Analogy, and Somya Tyagi, the Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Analogy on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, at 8:30 PM IST/3:00 PM GMT. 

Overview of Agile Product Management

In the Agile Scrum development methodology, Scrum Master and the Product Owner play the all-important roles and are responsible for working on different areas of the project. 

Now, let’s explore the key differences between the Scrum Master and Product Owner and their roles during the software development process.

In the Scrum Framework, A Product Owner, also known as Agile Product Manager, is the person who is responsible for the success of a product and for maximizing the value of that product. The Product Owner is responsible for product backlog management, maximizing value, and stakeholder management. 

On the other hand, Scrum Masters are responsible for implementing the Scrum approach with the development and engineering teams. The Scrum Master is the leading person of the scrum team who guides the team members to build a great and robust product, facilitate organizational change, and ensures that the team is implementing the required agile methodologies and practices effectively.

So, if you want to discover more about Scrum Methodology or Framework, its process, benefits, and challenges that come along with the implementation of the scrum, this webinar on Scrum Master and Product Owner Advantage is just for you.

By joining this webinar, you can expect to come away with:

  • How to increase your leadership effectiveness, irrespective of your role?
  • How to eliminate collaboration problems faced by ScrumMasters, CSPOs, and Scrum Teams through focused, outcome-driven solutions?
  • How can Scrum Masters shape a truly positive work environment and be the catalyst for organizational change?
  • How can Scrum Masters make a true difference beyond the simple process mechanics of Scrum?
  • How can a truly skilled Scrum Master improve productivity for your entire team?

Attend this webinar to explore and find out Scrum awareness can be incorporated in enterprises to ensure products and services are relevant to meet the complex market demands. This will be an interactive webinar so you’ll have the complete and wonderful opportunity to ask your questions and access best practices on how to implement the Scrum Framework effectively to facilitate greater collaboration and productivity.



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