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Watch The Webinar: Pin Tags-A Tagging App for Salesforce Records

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Are you struggling to manage your Salesforce data and records effectively in your Salesforce Org? Don’t worry, you’re just one step away from Pin Tags

Pin Tags is an ultimate app available on the Salesforce AppExchange that allows the Salesforce users to seamlessly classify their Salesforce Records and data, in both Classic and Lightning experiences. It is a great app for creating customizable tags for your records, either personal or public Tags. No matter how many fields you have on the object, this revolutionary Pin Tags application would be your perfect assistant and the best and most essential app for your Salesforce org.

Features of Pin Tags

  1. Pin Tags work for both the Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning editions.

  2. Pin Tags shows the top 5 popular objects in the Donut Chart.

  3. Pin Tags show all the popular tags in “Popular Tags” Components.

  4. Users can create Personal/Public tags.

  5. Search tagged records based on multiple tags joining with AND/OR.

  6. Pin Tags helps configure and customize permissions for various users.

  7. Tags can be emailed to 50 recipients.

  8. Add existing tags on many records based on selected rules.

  9. Organize tags in various customizable colors.

  10. Copy all the standard Salesforce Personal Tags into the Pin Tags app.

To explore the untold story behind the popular Pin Tags App for Salesforce Org, watch the Pin Tags webinar here. The webinar was presented by Ausaf Ahmed, the Business Development Executive, Krapy Tuli, the Salesforce Developer, and Indrajeet Agrawal, the Business Development Head at Cloud Analogy.


Learn the best practices right from the Salesforce experts for managing and handling your Salesforce records effectively with out-of-the-box features of Pin Tags.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn from the industry experts about the latest features of Pin Tags Application.

  • Learn effective strategies to smartly deal with a huge number of Salesforce records.

  • Discover how to get started with Pin Tags Application and its out-of-the-box features.

Deep dive into the world of Pin Tags Application – A Tagging App for Salesforce Records. 

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