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The Future of Cloud Communications: AirCall and Cloud Analogy Join Forces

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We are excited to announce the latest partnership with Aircall, a leading cloud-based phone system that simplifies business communications. As a Salesforce gold partner, Cloud Analogy is committed to delivering innovative solutions and products to its clients. This partnership with Aircall is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

Aircall is a modern phone system based in the cloud that caters to the needs of present-day businesses. It integrates with popular CRM systems, including Salesforce, to streamline communications and enhance productivity. With Aircall, companies can make and receive calls, hold conference calls, and send SMS messages from anywhere in the world using any device.

                                    “Elevating Your Business Communications.”

Why Partner with Aircall?

Cloud Analogy is committed to assisting its clients in achieving their business goals.” Partnering with Aircall enables us to do just that. Their platform is designed to streamline communications, which aligns perfectly with our mission of delivering innovative solutions to our clients.

Aircall’s features include call recording, analytics, and integrations with popular CRM systems, making it easy for businesses to manage their communications. With our Salesforce expertise and Aircall’s powerful platform, we can offer our clients an integrated solution that streamlines workflows and optimizes productivity.

What to Expect from Our Partnership?

Our partnership with Aircall brings multiple benefits to our clients. Some of these include:

Enhanced Communication: Aircall’s cloud-based phone system simplifies communication, making it easy for businesses to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, using any device. With our Salesforce expertise, we can help our clients integrate Aircall with their CRM and other systems.

Streamlined workflows: Aircall’s platform features powerful tools that help businesses automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. With our Salesforce expertise, we can help our clients integrate Aircall’s automation tools with their CRM and other systems, optimizing their productivity.

Salesforce Integration: Cloud Analogy has deep expertise in Salesforce CRM, while Aircall offers a robust cloud-based phone system. By integrating Aircall with Salesforce, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that helps them manage their customer data, streamline their processes, and improve their overall business efficiency.

Custom Solutions: Cloud Analogy offers custom development services for Salesforce and other platforms, while Aircall provides an open API that allows developers to build custom integrations. Through collaboration, we can develop tailored solutions that cater to the specific requirements of our customers.

Consulting Services: Cloud Analogy offers consulting services for Salesforce and other platforms, while Aircall offers consulting services for business communications. By combining our expertise, we can provide our clients with end-to-end solutions that help them achieve their business objectives.

Better customer service: With Aircall’s cloud-based phone system, clients can expect access to features such as call routing, call recording, and call analytics. This can help them to manage all their customer interactions in one place and provide exceptional customer service along with Cloud Analogy’s Salesforce services.

Improved Productivity: Our partnership with Aircall can help our clients improve productivity by streamlining their communications and reducing manual data entry tasks. By automating communication processes, teams can focus on more critical studies and boost productivity.

With Cloud Analogy’s Salesforce expertise and Aircall’s cloud-based phone system, businesses can enjoy streamlined workflows, increased efficiency, and optimized productivity. 

Ajay Dubedi, CEO of Cloud Analogy, said, “Our partnership aims to offer clients cutting-edge solutions that help them manage their communications and achieve their business goals.”

At Cloud Analogy, we are committed to providing the highest quality solutions that enable businesses to achieve their goals. Whether you want to improve your communication processes or streamline your workflows, Cloud Analogy and Aircall are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help you succeed.

To learn more about our partnership and how it can benefit your business, visit our website or contact us today.


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An experienced professional with 5+ years of experience in consulting on and delivering Salesforce projects for mid size, large and very large customers.

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