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Why Salesforce is Investing in Artificial Intelligence

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We all live in a strange hyperconnected world, where in everything we do, whether that be purchasing an item or viewing a page – there is always an onslaught of massive data. This is more so due to the advent of Internet of things(IoT), when the inanimate objects say TVs, refrigerator or even door mats will generate millions of data.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables the machines to think like humans. It will give a new dimension to how we humans will live our lives. However, there can be no parity in our thinking process with the machines.


However, AI is not a new concept and discovered by Alan Turing, in 1950, but has recently found an application. We have recently seen success for AI in IBM Watson or Deep Mind’s Alphago. In this post, we endeavour to understand  “What AI means for Salesforce?”.

What AI means for Salesforce?

Salesforce has 150,000 clients and is no exception as the company has quickly embraced AI and machine learning. They have offered an affordable solution with machine learning, which would have otherwise been an expensive proposition. Salesforce has its Einstein platform as a means of progressing with its policies on AI. Next, we delve with the challenges faced by AI technology with respect to Salesforce.


Challenges of AI Technology and Salesforce

AI acts just like the tip of an iceberg, and below the surface lies the dozens of data scientists and engineers, with massive amount of data that is extracted and prepared, building models and integrating the predictions with the CRM. Salesforce Einstein is that solution, to face the challenges by Salesforce, no worries for you at all. You can use Einstein to work smarter with Salesforce CRM. In this massive investment made by Salesforce, we must mention the importance of a strategic partner between Salesforce and IBM.

 Faster Decisions with Strategic Partnership between Salesforce and IBM

The world’s # 1 CRM, Salesforce and IBM struck an alliance in 2018, to enable the business to work smarter and make faster decisions. Salesforce could use IBM’s weather data in the Lightning apps and IBM on the other hand build apps using the Salesforce data.

 Why Image Recognition do make sense for Salesforce?

Every foodie always like to view some images on some delicious muffins or even the French fries. Image Recognition is only one of the tasks of machine learning and is rather a simple task but it becomes a complex task for any computer program.

The present day clients always seek for answers on various questions, pertaining to the business. Typical questions to ask would be “When to close a deal?”, “When will an employee quit?” or even “Which customers am I at a risk of losing?”.

Salesforce CRM seats the intersection of data – answering all sorts of questions. The range that is handled is mind boggling – closing deals, contracts, pursuing cases, opportunities generated – all that makes sense for your business. Salesforce offers a 360 degree panoramic view on customers – to enable better decision making. It is this data that can be utilized by machine learning.

Salesforce came up with Einstein as a product in 2016. AI is used by Salesforce in the search functionality of any instance and at the same time Einstein uses scoring of prospects, assessing the chances of closing opportunities and also harness the power of Einstein Analytics.

How Salesforce Uses AI and Machine Learning?

Salesforce has crossed the cost-prohibitions of AI and came with Einstein’s comprehensive AI solution to help your enterprise in the following ways:


  • In Sales, it anticipates the next opportunity and  exceeds customer expectations.

  • In Marketing, it offers personalized customer experiences and predictive journeys.  

  • In Service, it can resolve issues with proactive services, anticipated cases.

  • In IT, embedding intelligence and creating smarter apps for employees and customers.


Salesforce Uses Machine Learning in the following ways:

Sales – Analyze information from email, calendars, and CRM data and proactively recommending actions on best email response, ensuring to move a deal forward.

Service – Automatically classifying cases and intelligently routing them to the appropriate service agent.

Marketing – Intelligently scoring the likelihood of a customer to open an email, or even subscribe to a newsletter, make a purchase decision.



With Salesforce CRM, you are embracing the possibilities of AI, at the cost of the Salesforce license. Quite a bargain. Isn’t it? And that too considering the cost-prohibitions of AI. Salesforce has readily made AI available, at your doorstep.

AI will transform your business and this is possible with the various features of Salesforce. Humans are still needed despite the advent of AI and machine learning, in all that is unpredictable. And in the current scenario, we humans always have plenty of scope for this.


Akshay Dhiman

Chief Technical Officer
Akshay Dhiman, the CTO of Cloud Analogy, has been a standout and successful Salesforce Platform Developer for years. He has a rich experience in Salesforce Integration, JavaScript, APEX, VisualForce, Sites, Batch Processing, Lightning, PHP, C++, Java, NodeJs, ReactJs, Angular 8, GraphQL, React Native, Web Technology, and jQuery.

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