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Yeur Dreamin: The Salesforce Community Conference You Shouldn’t Miss

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Have you ever dreamt of your business being in the unicorn club? Well, dreams are meant to be conquered.

YeurDreamin – the Salesforce Community Conference in the Benelux is here to make all your dreams come true.

Guess how?

Let’s give you an in-depth insight into the Salesforce conference and learn why you shouldn’t miss being a part of it.

Meet Team Cloud Analogy in Brussels

YeurDreamin Salesforce Community 2023 Conference is all set to take place on 16th June 2023 at Factory Forty, 40 Rue des Anciens Etangs, Brussels, Belgium, Europe, and the team at Cloud Analogy will be there to meet, learn and network with you.

You would not want to miss out on this chance to attend YeurDreamin with our team at Cloud Analogy – a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner. 

Our team of experts specialize in Salesforce implementation, consultation and integration services that could help your business expand and grow seamlessly.

Whistle It Out For Benelux

YeurDreamin Salesforce Community 2023 Conference is the very first community-led event to be held in Benelux for Salesforce professionals.

It will be a one-day exciting event with various tracks of content and an opportunity to listen and connect with multiple industry-leading experts and speakers.

There will also be a Demo Jam session held at the Community Conference . You will get this chance to network with the speakers at the lunch arena. There will be enough time for networking at the event on and off camera.

And you know what’s the best part?

This event is organized, run and delivered by the Salesforce community people themselves.

Speakers To Know & Grow With

Many industry-leading experts will join the Salesforce community conference this June.

This is the best opportunity for one and all to meet, network and learn from the great business tycoons coming together from various industries to meet under one roof at Yeurderamin Salesforce Community 2023.

Here are the few names of the speakers you should know –

  1. Abdelhakim Mouttaqui – Salesforce Architect, Capgemini
  2. Amanda Beard-Neilson – Salesforce MVP, co-organizer of London’s Calling Community Conference, Portfolio Manager, Capgemini
  3. Andre van Kampen – Salesforce MVP, Organiser of YeurDreamin’, Director, KampKonsult
  4. Christine Marshall – Courses & Community Director, Salesforce Ben
  5. Daniel Stange – 30x certified Salesforce System Architect and Application Architect, Salesforce MVP, CTO, DIA die.interaktiven GmbH & Co. KG
  6. Houssam SAOUDY – Salesforce Architect, Salesforce MVP (the very first in Africa), Golden Hoodie winner at Dreamforce, and x20 Salesforce Certified, Salesforce Practice Technical Lead, Capgemini
  7. Ines Garcia – Agile & Climate Coach, Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame
  8. Louise Lockie – Salesforce MVP, leader of the London Salesforce Women in Tech Group.
  9. Jeroen Bouserie – Marketing Automation Strategist, iO, 20+ years experience in digital both in-house and as a consultant in various industries
  10. Jo Putzeys – Proud member, Spire, a CRM Dinosaur since 1997 with 15+ years of experience in Salesforce.

What’s Special At YeurDreamin Salesforce Community?

YeurDreamin Salesforce Community Conference brings the brightest minds together in one place to discuss some interesting and important topics of technology that include Salesforce, Cloud, AI, Droners and more.

A few of the topics from the YeurDreamin Salesforce Community are –

  1. The Future of Salesforce: Enhancing Sales and Customer Service with Chat GPT Technology
  2. Introduction to Industries Communications Cloud
  3. Harness the Power of Salesforce EinsteinGPT and ChatGPT API for Your Salesforce Org
  4. Say goodbye to Profile Permissions. A modular approach to the new Permission Management Model.
  5. Let’s Drag & Drop Apex Together – Welcome to the World of Data Raptors & Integration Procedures, and more.

These sessions will help you understand the technology and its tools in-depth and thus implement it in your business to make it more agile.

Sponsors That Make The Event Best

Sponsors play an important role in making the event a grand one. 

Here is the list of the sponsors of the YeurDreamin Salesforce Community 2023 Conference you should know about.

  • Platinum – Mason Frank International, PDF Butler and Varonis.
  • Gold – Qkom and SharinPix.
  • Silver – Brightfox and Spire Group.
  • Community Partner – Caberu Consulting, KampKonsult, Nuvoleous, Reditus and Trailblazer Community.

Wrap Up

YeurDreamin Salesforce Community 2023 Conference will going to be the best Salesforce Conference of the year. You would not want to miss out on this event. 

Join us on 16th June 2023 at the Salesforce Conference. It’s time to meet at YeurDreamin and make the best out of it for all of us. Let’s meet, network and learn.

See you at YeurDreamin Salesforce Community Conference 2023!


Sachin Arora

Scrum Master and Principal Solutions Architect
Sachin, a renowned Scrum Master and Principal Solutions Architect at Cloud Analogy, has rich experience when it comes to working on process improvement in a fast-paced environment maintaining high level of quality in all deliverables. Sachin's expertise lies in varied hardware and software environments including Cloud technologies such as Salesforce, AWS, Cloud Foundry & Google App Engine and Mobile.

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