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10 Benefits of Using Salesforce AppExchange Apps

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Did you know Salesforce has a broad ecosystem of more than 3,000 AppExchange applications for you to extend and leverage your use of CRM? Whether it is automating business processes or improving business productivity, Salesforce AppExchange apps can help you increase the customer base and propel your business ahead. You can even optimize business operations and improve business efficiency & productivity by utilizing the best-suited Salesforce applications to turbocharge your Salesforce journey.

Below are the innumerable benefits of utilizing Salesforce AppExchange apps to maximize the Salesforce CRM to its fullest potential.

1. Execute events more efficiently

Scheduling events could require significant coordination and resources. When it comes to planning an event with several pieces of software, spreadsheets, and other systems, there are many challenges. Fonteva Events, the leading events app on Salesforce, can help you with the many elements of event planning while incorporating Salesforce data at the same time.

2. Quick, easy & secured systems integrations

The integration of Salesforce with native-cloud, low-code integration platforms can help businesses manage their customer data, seamlessly connect with them on social media, nurture leads, and effectively provide greater customer service. Dell Boomi is the industry-leading iPaaS platform that offers a scalable data integration platform to integrate Salesforce with various other systems. Dell Boomi AtomSphere can help transform the way you run your business, and manage communication between Salesforce CRM and other systems effectively

3. Create quotes, documents, and contracts effortlessly

Today’s sales reps spend the majority of their time on manual and time-consuming activities and less time on selling. AppExchange apps such as Conga Composer – a document creation tool takes the manual data entry out of the sales process, freeing up sales teams to do the work of selling. This effective tool makes the process of document creation, presentation, and reports in PowerPoint, Word, HTML, email, and Excel as easy and as simple as possible.

4. Automate lead assignment and routing

AppExchange apps can support lead routing and workflow to automatically assign leads based on any number of criteria, even when managing contingencies.

5. Assist service agents to offer personalized customer experience

AppExchange apps can help provide a better customer service experience in various ways. There are some robust and productive applications that support omnichannel customer service, provide services via SMS, live chat, telephone contact centers and more. By integrating directly with Salesforce, this application can provide service agents with the information they need to improve customer service.

6. Make life easier for Salesforce admins

Salesforce admins can leverage AppExchange apps to mass update, integrate systems, report, customize, and more, all without spending extra time building from scratch.

7. Effective order management, inventory, shipping, etc

If you are a manufacturer looking to move from on-premise ERP solutions to the cloud, Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of customers and products and delivers hyper-personalized customer engagement. With AppExchange apps, including ERP and PLM apps, manufacturers can achieve a single source of truth that streamlines business from product development, ordering, inventory, fulfillment, and reporting.

8. Eliminate manual data entry processes and spreadsheets

One of the biggest advantages of AppExchange apps across categories and industries is the elimination of manual data entry that often ties up employees for hours or days. Salesforce-based financial apps can move spreadsheet data into Salesforce, and in turn, minimizes the risk of data entry errors.

9. Manage and track projects directly from Salesforce

With the AppExchange application that specializes in project management, you can create projects from objects, start workflows based on triggers, centralize reports, and manage projects using the mobile Salesforce application.

10. Onboard employees more effectively and efficiently

The AppExchange application can help HR teams become more effective by providing Salesforce training by assigning training modules to specific roles and tracking progress within the Salesforce dashboard.

Final Wrap

In a nutshell, Salesforce AppExchange apps can serve as a one-stop solution to increase the customer base and provide a personalized customer experience to clients and customers every time. AppExchange apps can help employees across roles, departments, and industries do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. 

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