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4 Reasons you should not miss out on attending #Dreamforce

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Being one of the most attended and buzzed-about events that serve as a market barometer for the companies that with growth, scale and technical proficiency, Dreamforce ’22 is back and here are all the reasons why you can not afford to miss it. 

So, if your business has customers? And they COMMUNICATE, via email, phone call or an app. It’s more likely that communication was managed in a salesforce platform; long story short, Salesforce isn’t the first platform here in the CRM domain, but it is one of the biggest.

So much so that the platform’s annual conference overtakes nearly 2 million square feet of space, that is centralized around Moscone Center in San Francisco. The buzz around it is real, as Dreamforce is familiar with having attendees lining up as early as 2:30 a.m. for the 10:30 a.m. event. With the swell of people pooled into the Moscone Center, you couldn’t help but notice the diversity in attendance. Leaders from across the globe communicate with each other in different languages, communicating via WhatsApp as commonly as iMessage. 

Well, If numbers excite you, then this is all the hype you need. 

Dreamforce is a huge event, and more than 120,000 people are expected to attend; there will be 1,250 break-out sessions, and the show will be going on for over 96 hours. 

The mass-level event tells us the story, Start a business, aiming to solve a problem for yourself, and then, find people who also need the solution. 

Still, wondering how salesforce Dreamforce’22 can help you yield? I’ll tell you four reasons for this, 

The Mindfulness Keynote, through a gentle nurturing lens.

Let me burst the bubble for you; Salesforce Dreamforce is much more than your typical business conference; seeing the number of intellectual speakers and their insights sets the bar high for Dreamforce. There is much more hidden in the conference that one can pull out, and speakers are actually eager to help you solve your business problems (see the list of Speakers for Dreamforce’22 here). Once you attend the event, you’ll surely love the energy of 120,000 people, you’d love the speakers, you’d love the conference, and you may take notes and pull out the helpful gems from Salesforce Dreamforce 2022. No matter if you’re interested in learning about the role of meta in marketing automation, how to build an app, or want to learn about rolling out your new Salesforce CRM system, Salesforce Dreamforce’22 will have someone with the answers you need.

The Power of customer success showcasing and networking 

Ah! Forget Tinder, mate; Dreamforce is your new destination to build new, strong and meaningful connections. 

……Drumrolls, please…….

Dreamforce is a place where you meet leaders who are using Salesforce, and in a fantastic way, their customer success showcase will teach you how a diverse group of companies and industries see a huge ROI. Networking at Dreamforce is a no-brainer. Take your time to engage with attendees and speakers and understand their POV. Well, the Power of networking is not hidden from anybody; this is why Salesforce allows attendees to connect with experts at the cocktail party using #DF22 on Twitter and grow their circle with meaningful conversations. As they say, There’s something for everyone — gatherings with professionals, surprise guests, impromptu happy hours, and the biggest show in San Francisco will surely leave you wowed!

Dreampark and the university campus

There’s always the best reason for going to Dreamforce, we are telling you four, but this one is always my favorite. So, if you’re visiting the Dreamforce’22, I’m assuming that Salesforce is critical for your business. Now, what if I tell you that attending the conference will get you access to more than 1,000 sessions, hands of training, certifications and more educational opportunities? Sounds like a win-win deal, is it? 

 However, there’s no way you can attend all of the sessions, but you can surely attend most of them. 

The Dreamforce always comes with a Dreamforce plaza for you, being the heart of the event. The space is bigger! Better! And…. relaxing, ….yet, active, that gives you a space to participate in volunteer activities. 

A voice for Sustainability

As said before, Salesforce Dreamforce 2022 will have meaningful conversations that actually makes an impact on the surrounding environment, away from all façade. Like every year, this year too, Salesforce is giving a voice to Sustainability. By Net Zero, Salesforce is aiming for companies to gather together and fight against climate change. So, as an attendee, people can learn some real-world solutions and take them back to their company. 


The team Cloud Analogy is coming to San Francisco to attend Dreamforce 2022. The theme of the year, “Go big and come home,” has really a lot to do with the reunion will be a huge reunion on September 20–22. We’ll meet a lot of familiar faces and a lot of old friends. Cloud Analogy is all set to be a part of amazing parties and concerts to be hosted at Dreamforce 2022, and some are impromptu parties.


Ajay Dubedi

CEO | Founder
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