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Advantages Of Salesforce Einstein Analytics For Sales Managers

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For years, thousands and millions of Salesforce users have leveraged operational dashboards and reports to quickly look up their data, evaluate performance, and communicate results. However, the humongous amount of customer data volume ahead of the organization doesn’t make things any easier.

To address these challenges, Salesforce introduces Einstein Analytics that utilizes advanced analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using Einstein Analytics, success-driven organizations can provide invaluable insights with just a few clicks to empower their service agents, analysts, marketers, and sales reps to make every interaction smarter without getting into the complexities.

The best thing about Einstein Analytics is that it delivers a portfolio of self-service and contextually relevant analytics applications to empower every customer relationship management (CRM) user to uncover insights and explore data from a simple sales pipeline dashboard to the most sophisticated and complex forecasting decision. Einstein Analytics can also be used to analyze billions of data combinations automatically for surfacing prescriptive recommendations and predictive insights.

Let us now find how Einstein Analytics can help sales managers guide organizations towards the path of success by significantly enhancing opportunities, leads, and profits.

Amazing Benefits Of Salesforce Einstein Analytics For Sales Managers

Salesforce Einstein Analytics — deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) platform — takes predictions and forecasting to the next big level by progressively making itself more proactive and intelligent by refining its recommendations based on new data. Salesforce Einstein gathers a huge amount of data from a full range of sources like data entered directly into Salesforce and data from external sources. It then analyzes these sets of data to identify complex, meaningful patterns over time.

The best thing about Salesforce Einstein is that it can quickly and seamlessly adjust its forecasts and predictions if there is a sudden shift in the competitive landscape or if a new technology or products disrupt the market, or if larger events of the world affect the way consumers behave. In short, sales teams powered by Salesforce Einstein always stay ahead of the curve to help keep their organization relevant and profitable in the short as well as the long run.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is second to none when it comes to analyzing vast data sets, suggesting beneficial actions, gleaning critical insights, and automating tasks that require manual effort by employees. These advantages alone make Salesforce Einstein Analytics an invaluable tool in the arsenal of sales of managers in today’s cutthroat competitive landscape.

Performance: Sales managers can efficiently monitor the overall pipeline and compare actual performance with the predefined goals throughout the sales period. Moreover, they can promptly drill down on individual team members for comparing their performance to quotas.

Pipeline Management: The biggest advantage of Einstein Analytics is all about understanding the changes to your opportunity pipeline in real-time. Using it, you can view new deals, compare closed deals that were either won or lost and deals that moved into or out of the sales period.

Einstein Analytics helps you evaluate trends in opportunity categories so that exponential growth of the sales pipeline can be noticed and an actionable list of opportunities to work all within the application can be created.

Forecasting: Forecasting helps sales managers access accurate sales and revenue. Forecasting dashboards can be utilized by sales managers to plan for the sales period or upcoming quarter and know exactly when to expect deals to close.

Whitespace Analysis: Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps sales representatives focus their energy on the right deals by performing Whitespace Analysis. It can be used to identify products that have been sold to accounts and opportunities can thereafter be created on the specific requirements of that account.

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