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Best Practices For Salesforce Training and Onboarding In 2021

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Onboarding new talent can be exciting yet tricky for today’s businesses. As an organization, you gain new perspectives, new skills, and an employee at their motivational peak. Hiring the right talent and making them more productive is the key to providing technology services to your rapidly growing company.

Regardless of how qualified, competent, or experienced your new employee is, they will consume much of their time to get comfortable with the CRM platform. However, using a well-defined and effective user onboarding strategy, you can hack your onboarding process more effectively. Therefore, creating an excellent training program is essential for all organizations looking to retain employees, boost employee morale, and navigate the path to their ultimate success.

There is a wide array of online content available today for beginners to get started with the Salesforce Platform. However, it is better to stick with best practices when it comes to useful uploading.

1. Learn Salesforce Via Trailhead

Since its inception in 2014, the Salesforce Trailhead platform has become one of the most recommended training platforms for beginners to learn everything about Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning edition. Trailhead follows a gamified educational model covering almost everything about Salesforce, including specialized learning “trails” organized as modules and units. Trailhead platform is the one-stop learning solution for a new employee to start with Salesforce basics and enhance their skills.

Salesforce Trailhead Key Features:-

My Trailhead:- Trailhead, a new, branded version of the training platform that enables you to customize your teams’ content. This learning platform fosters a culture of learning and inspiration that provides you with the ability to leverage the full potential of Trailhead.

Using MyTrailhead, you can empower your employees with an on-demand, gamified platform customized for your company’s needs.

Trailmixes:- Trailmixes are basically “educational playlists” containing your favorite modules, projects, super badges, and paths.

Trail Tracker:- This out-of-the-box reporting feature enables you to customize onboarding by setting specific badges relevant to each employee’s work. Also, you can then keep track and report of their progress.

2. Salesforce Chatter Application

Chatter, a Salesforce’s collaboration app, has emerged out as useful software that makes user interaction more effortless than ever before. New hires in your team can leverage this platform to gain advice and assistance from different organizations. That way, they can learn and become familiar with Salesforce from multiple sources, not from a single mentor.

Chatter acts as a social network within Salesforce. Chatter is very easy to get started with because it resembles many popular sites such as Facebook. Moreover, it’s a great way to keep employees connected regardless of their physical location. You’re able to keep the discussion open that promotes transparency that helps lead to effective communication, keeps everyone in the team on the same page, and makes it easier to solve problems. And when questions and problems are visible to everyone, more people can offer their insights and possible solutions.

3. Downloadable Tips And User Guides

Salesforce provides tip sheets and comprehensive guides so they can work on their Salesforce training anytime, anywhere. Information sheets are available for various topics and use cases, from Salesforce basics to using  a particular feature in Salesforce.

4. Traditional Documentation And Videos

Usually, the most requested method is to share multimedia content with your new hires that enables them to train and upskills themselves. This content comprises chapter wise videos to lengthy documentation. The Salesforce YouTube Channel is a great place to find out new products and features or access relevant interviews and webinars. The world’s leading CRM company regularly posts information about the latest features and video guides on accessing and using them. With so many short videos to choose from, your team can quickly find clues about what features are being used.

5. Encouraging Colleagues To Train – Credit system

This is an interesting concept followed by several companies implementing a credit and reward system for existing employees to train new employees. Experienced employees help their colleagues with their questions and get credit every time they help them. This credit is included in the leaderboard, making them eligible to win prizes, incentives, etc.

6. Assigning An Onboarding Buddy

The buddy system is an exciting way of welcoming people to your company and initially giving them a unique experience. Friends who join are responsible for uploading new hires to the CRM platform and making it comfortable at work.

Salesforce onboarding could be challenging, particularly for new hires who don’t know their coworkers very well. In this system, you need to assign a go-to person who can answer questions, provide support, and facilitate the new role transition.

7. Use The Knowledge Gained During The Interview Process

Your team is in charge of sharing some valuable knowledge with the new employee’s skills, experience, and learning style during the interview process. It is advisable to use that information to design a customized onboarding process. Personalized onboarding is a crucial step that shows your employees that you want to help them get up to speed quickly and become more productive without imposing general training on them.

8. Apply A Change Management Model

Whether you are introducing Salesforce to an existing employee or a new employee, Salesforce onboarding in your organization is a significant change. But an established change management model can give you peace of mind. A well-defined change management model can make the transition run smoothly.

9. Provide Continuous Support

Salesforce onboarding is an ongoing process, so your support needs to be constant as well. As Salesforce introduces new features and your business evolves, it’s essential to update your training materials.

10. Make Use Of Udemy Courses

If you’re looking to get started with video-based Salesforce training or a structured self-guided course that comes with a certificate of completion, go for Udemy.  The online academy consists of more than 70 Salesforce courses.

Udemy classes include a wide range of subjects and levels of expertise. You can start Salesforce training from scratch with Salesforce 101, or you can dig into details like Salesforce reports.

Whether it’s your first time using Salesforce or looking for ongoing Salesforce training, this aforementioned list will help you discover the best-suited training option for your team.

Talking about the statistics, the streamlined employee onboarding leads to higher job satisfaction, organizational engagement, lower sales, better performance levels, career complementarity, and less stress. This allows you to nurture employee engagement and foster growth from day one. And it’s important to keep up the spirit by engaging them in the engagement process with engaging interactive elements.

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