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How to Create Field Dependencies in Salesforce?

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Field dependencies in salesforce are basically filters that allow us to change the contents of a picklist based on the value of another field. Sales territories are segregated as regions and zones. Instead of displaying every value for Region in a single picklist, it is possible to limit the values that are displayed based on a value for another field, like Zone. This allows the users to find the appropriate option more quickly and easily.

In this post, we will cover what field dependencies in salesforce lightning are, the different types of it, and how we create a field dependency. 

What are Field Dependencies?

Field Dependencies in Salesforce refer to controlling the value of a field based on another field. There are two types of field dependencies. What are these?

Types of Field Dependency

Controlling Field: –A controlling field is what controls the accessible qualities in at least one or more related dependent fields.

Dependent Field: – A dependent field displays values as per the selected value.

  • Custom picklists can be both Controlling and dependent fields.
  • The standard picklists field can only be utilized for controlling.
  • Default values are set for controlling fields.
  • It is not possible to set default values for dependent picklists.
  • Multi-Select picklists can be dependent.

Now, we come to how we create a field dependency. 

How We Create a Field Dependency?

  • Click on the Setup option
  • Select any object on which you want field dependencies created and Click on the field dependency button.
  • A screen will pop up prompting the user to select which field will be dependent and which one will be controlling.
  • Just scroll Down and click on Continue button.
  • Click on preview button so that you can see how it is visible
  • Click on the save button


It is time-consuming for the users to scroll down the drop-down list as they search the relevant values as per preferences. The list is too long to check out so field dependencies in Salesforce comes in handy here where you use filters to refine your search from the drop down list. 
The process can be tricky. so, it becomes really important that you hire the finest salesforce consulting services for integrating the latest plugins. When we talk about Salesforce, then Field dependencies can be defined as special type of filters that allow us to change the contents of a picklist based on the value of another field.


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