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How To Create Hubspot Landing Pages?

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Landing pages are part of your everyday browsing and maneuvering the internet. When you click on an ad then you are directed to the landing page. It is also the homepage of your website or the page that follows the call-to-action. 

A landing page is a website page where you collect a visitor’s contact information in exchange for resources, like an ebook. Using a lead-capture form the contact information is collected for visitors to enter details like their name, email address, and job title. 

Generating leads for your business is an essential part of your marketing campaign, and there are several ways such as social media, content marketing, paid ads, etc. With each digital campaign you run, irrespective of the channel used, the people you’re targeting will not convert into potential customers. So, you’ll need a quality landing page to successfully convert those visitors. You must have a few landing pages on your website, or you will simply miss out on opportunities to turn these individuals into paying customers down the line.

The main purpose served by the landing page is to convert the customers or leads and they form an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. The goal of a landing page is to convert and build a repository of leads that are nurtured with the help of personalized marketing campaigns using email, direct mail, paid ads, or other types of targeted marketing before the leads reach out to your sales team to initiate a purchase.

In this post, we will provide insights on what HubSpot is, and how to create a Hubspot Landing Page. 

What Is Hubspot?

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM designed in a way to align sales and marketing teams, improve ROI, and optimize your inbound marketing strategy to generate more and more qualified leads. HubSpot is a software platform to help your company market and sell more effectively.

It comes with products and services aimed at providing tools for customer relationship management, content management, lead generation, search engine optimization,  web analytics, social media marketing, live chat, and customer support.

HubSpot has integration features for, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, and others. Also, there are third-party services such as templates, and extensions.

Moreover, HubSpot helps companies to do better marketing. So, they developed one cloud-based platform where all of a company’s digital marketing efforts reside. It includes everything – blogging, social media posting to email marketing, combined in a single platform – accessed from anywhere. 

Furthermore, HubSpot started with just their CRM (customer relationship management) software. It’s a platform where companies organize their contacts and track every conversation with each contact. HubSpot developed is primarily for marketers. It offers a way for marketers to organize all of the leads they are handling, nurture them according to their buyer’s personal and unique pain points, and then pass them seamlessly into the sales team.

Benefits Of Building Landing Pages With HubSpot 

It is possible to build landing pages with a great look and feel and personalized with Hubspot on your own, using the mobile-optimized templates. It is also possible to customize the page content with the drag-and-drop page editor. There is a way to preview the pages on various devices before publishing.  It enables you to personalize the content, forms, and CTAs as per individual visitors for enhanced performance of the landing pages. The best experience is provided by tailored content for landing pages for each visitor. 

Let us now explore the steps required to create a Hubspot landing page. 

How To Create A Hubspot Landing Page?

  • Click on the Get Started Free button to Create Landing Page.

  • Create your HubSpot account or you can sign up with your Gmail account as shown in the below figure.

  • After Signing Up you can select any template according to your requirements.


  • After selecting your required template you need to name your Page as shown in the below figure.

  • Click on the Create page button after the page name is given as shown in the below figure.

  • Now you will land in your chosen template space where you can edit your page with different types of contents & designs present in the template. You can add images, buttons, rich text, forms, icons, divider, follow me, video, calendar, and many more by simply dragging and dropping the option.

  • Edit your template the way you want then provide the Page Title save the changes & click on publish button to publish your Landing Page.

  •  Click on the Publish button with two options – to publish now or can continue editing as shown in the below figure.

On publishing your Landing Page you get redirected to your created Landing webpage to copy the Landing Page URL and will redirect to your created  Landing Page to submit the form successfully. Also, you can edit the Page if you want.

You Can also configure Performance and Optimization.

You can also have an eye on Page Metrics from there you can see Page Views, New Customers, Total form submissions, New contacts, Bounce rates, and many other options.

You can also sort the page metrics by using sorting options given on the Page.


HubSpot enables you to easily create your landing page with a chosen template. It acts as a Website Builder and provides the ability to design, build, host, and modify a professionally looking website without the help of a developer or an IT. It can build landing pages with a great look and feel and personalized – with HubSpot on your own using the mobile-optimized templates. Customize the page content with the drag-and-drop page editor. Get the best experience provided by tailored content for landing pages for each visitor.

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