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Introduction To Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

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Whether it’s salespeople visiting key customers or field reps selling in the field, the traditional consumer products distribution strategy has traditionally been centred on face-to-face contacts. However, brands want a method for sales teams to determine how well their items are selling, what is needed in the store, and which locations require field reps’ attention. Therefore, brands must also assist field teams by providing task management solutions that allow field reps to execute and audit precisely and promptly while on the job. 

Salesforce the #1 CRM solution provider, took the bold step of creating the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. It is a complete cloud solution for managing consumer products, allowing you to perform retail planning effortlessly, optimize store visits, increase in-store productivity, and drive high sales.

So, let’s commence by learning more about the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and what makes it the greatest retail management software.

What Is Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud?

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud aids in the optimization of store visits, the development of collaborative partnerships across the whole value chain, and the acceleration of in-store productivity. Furthermore, employing artificial intelligence to increase audit accuracy and catapult your business growth will put you one step ahead of your competition.

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Advantages Of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Audit Shelves Accurately

Maintaining store shelves and managing inventory will be a breeze with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. It enables you to improve inventory management, create planograms more quickly, and assure merchandising conformity.

You can also use Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud to bring shop shelves to your fingertips and use it as the best planogram software for visual merchandising. Furthermore, you can scan store shelves using Einstein Vision in Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud to track inventory and identify out-of-stock products. It also assists you in comprehending information about a product category, pricing, quantity, promotions, and discounts, all from your mobile device.

Improve Store Planning

Salesforce offers the greatest option for Consumer Goods and aids in optimal planning. Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud provides sales managers with a 360-degree view of sales targets, orders, discounts, and promotions, ensuring the smooth execution of retail business activities.

Make the Most of Your Shopping Trips

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud also enables field sales representatives to be more effective by streamlining activities, scheduling, and shop visits. But how is this accomplished? For example, sales reps may maintain track of each store visit by collecting crucial parameters such as store name, location, expected visit time, number of hours spent, and previous visits with quick access to data. Without question, all of these incredible features place Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud among the top retail management software.

Better Store Layout

The inventory is organized differently in each store. With Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, you can customize and assign templates depending on a store’s segment categories. You can also use templates depending on individual stores to increase productivity from check-in through check-out.

Capture Orders on Mobile for Increased In-Store Sales

In-store sales can be a game-changer in terms of delivering high profitability. Retailers use the best shop management software to create the best strategy, give discounts, execute promotional activities, and improve the customer experience.

Users may maximize in-store sales with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud by taking orders on the fly from their mobile phones. This also assists sales professionals in guiding them with assortment-driven product recommendations to have a complete picture of order management, price, promotions, and discounts.


A daily schedule of assigned and prioritized store visits, with suggested and needed activities, all routed and mapped by Salesforce Maps thanks to Consumer Goods Cloud. Representatives can use smartphone-optimized segments and store templates for planogram inspections, inventory planning, return order processing, and surveys. This allows them to capture orders during store visits and collect product data such as pricing and quantity. 

Therefore, Consumer Goods Cloud is jam-packed with toolsets designed to streamline retail operations by ensuring product availability and promotions, and the price is in line with corporate standards. Also, you can use the best Salesforce CRM services to unify all of your business software on a single platform and promote efficiency to stay ahead of the competition.
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