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Salesforce Commerce Cloud In The Age Of Coronavirus

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There seems to be a non-tiny chance that the deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19) may lead to some potentially serious societal change, especially if mass hysteria manages to lead towards deep transformations. At the very least, we will see a generation of children who wash their hands very well.

But how will COVID-19 influence Salesforce Commerce Cloud — or more broadly the Salesforce ecosystem?

Before we answer that, let us talk about how Cloud Analogy is dealing with it. As a leading Salesforce Silver Partner, we already have a strong and robust culture of digital collaboration and secured communications. 

Being an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified CRM development company and Salesforce Implementation Partner, Cloud Analogy is always proactive with its decision-making and future-proof strategies. Our teams of industry experts always plan for the future and the worst so that the interests of all our clients and their projects are handled to the best of the expectations.

These times of coronavirus fears are likely to induce a few changes in the context of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

If you ask me, I would say that the “stay at home” environment will lead to a temporary boost in eCommerce operations. This will be primarily because people around the globe would stop going to traditional stores and instead would buy products from the comfort of their homes and with just a few clicks.

In the mid-term, things may take a turn. If we all are witness to a more recession-like situation, eCommerce operations might potentially take a hit. However, there is a big possibility that it may be the physical and retail commerce that will end up suffering the brunt as eCommerce is already on a steep growth path across the globe. So eCommerce would still benefit.

It is interesting to note here that Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a better bet for success-driven companies in a tough economy. Why? The core, key cost is a percentage of revenue and it is not fixed – so if you make more or less, Salesforce does as well. If your sales go down by 5 percent, so do your costs. A situation like this is a beautiful dream in a recessionary environment as high fixed costs while revenue plummeting is possibly a devastating risk factor for all companies.

Now comes the second advantage with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. In the age of home shopping and a possible recession ahead of us, it does make sense to harness the amazing capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud that has incredible built-in marketing tools. After all, you need every possible bit of sales and marketing firepower you can get with fewer sales happening and more competition for eyeballs at home. And the most amazing thing is, everything is built-in already with Salesforce Commerce Cloud at your side. I cannot agree more with the fact that too many companies are still paying for this absolute firepower but end up taking little or no advantage of it.

If your business really wants to leverage Salesforce and particularly salesforce commerce Cloud (administration, development, consultancy, data migration, and more), all you need is to just call +1 (415) 830-3899 or drop us an email at

 P.S.: Cloud Analogy, the Salesforce Silver Partner, is one of the world’s leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) development companies. Contact us to see how we can work together.


Suraj Tripathi

Salesforce Consultant | Solution Engineering Head
"Suraj Tripathi, a certified Salesforce Principal Consultant of repute, is a wonderful mentor and leader. A certified Salesforce Architect and a 7X Salesforce Certified Platform Application Developer by passion and profession, Suraj has rich experience in languages such as Aura, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap, APEX, and JavaScript. With more than five years of expertise in Salesforce Development, Suraj has worked on more than 50+ projects out of which 20+ projects were related to Salesforce Integration, Writing Triggers, Batch classes, VisualForce pages, and Aura Components. At Cloud Analogy, he is the backbone of a wide range of projects from all perspectives - technology, architecture, project management, customer stakeholder management, etc. His energy on the floor is difficult to match and his passion to accept nothing but excellence makes him a leader around whom a team can always rally."

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