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Salesforce Surveys Overview: How To Create And Send Surveys In Salesforce

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Undoubtedly, customer experience and customer satisfaction are two cornerstones to compete and survive in today’s market. Do you want to know how you can provide the best and compelling customer experience across all touchpoints? This is where Salesforce Surveys comes into the picture. 

Surveys in Salesforce are a powerful tool to collect feedback and data from your users or customers and supercharge your customer experience by using a simple editor. It provides you with a wide range of out-of-the-box features and functionalities to make excellent and easy-to-use forms for collecting feedback and data from your clients. The survey data that you collect from the users is stored in your Salesforce org. You can then use Salesforce to view survey data, create reports and dashboards, and gain data-driven insights across organizations. 

Steps To Send Survey In Salesforce

Salesforce survey empowers the Salesforce users to create complex surveys using a simple editor within your Salesforce Org. This functionality can be leveraged by Sales or Service Cloud customers to receive 300 survey responses before any additional purchase is required.

Prerequisite To Send Salesforce Survey

Step 1: Setup Community Domain name and create a Community.

1. Once the community is set up or created by any template, it needs to be activated. It can be blank if it is only designed for the sake of collecting feedback using a survey.
2. Enter Survey in the search box under the setup option and click on Survey Setting and then click enable Survey in Salesforce.

3. Now, select a community that will be used by the Survey to generate public links.

4. If a Survey object is not visible for a user, then create a Permission set, provide access to the Survey object and then assign it to the user.

Step 2: The Survey that is created can be added to the Dashboard if required, as it is shown on the Home tab.

Introduction To Salesforce Survey Data Model

Once a Survey is created by the Admin, it can be used by any user or customer. A survey Invitation needs to be created, whose link will be sent to the Customer. These created links can be sent directly to the Customer or automated to be sent via flow or Process Builder or Workflow.

Other than the Salesforce Survey, there are various applications present in Salesforce Appexchange that allow users to create, map the response to Standard and Custom Objects, and provide follow-up for the Critical response. Some of the Salesforce AppExchange Applications will be discussed later in this blog.

Steps To Create Surveys From Survey Builder

Step 1: Go to the Survey object and click on the New button.

1. Give a name for your Survey.

2. Provide a Welcome note for your customer.

3. Add all the Question Type questions such as (Picklist, short text, or long text, etc.) for which feedback will be generated.

4. Once the feedback form is created, go to the last page and provide a Thank You note for the User.

5. After that, select the Send radio button

6. Get Invitation will generate the Invitation link, which can be sent directly to the customer 

7. Send Email will send that Survey through Email with the predefined email templates containing the survey question in the survey invitation email.

Select the recipient type.

Survey invitations can be sent only to leads, contacts, and users.

Recipients can be selected based on the object, which is associated with the process.

Select your invitation settings.

Click on the Save button.

Best Salesforce AppExchange Survey Applications

Here is the list of best Salesforce Surveys Applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace that can be used to raise the bar on customer experience.


Survey responses will be mapped to either a standard object or a custom object.

Workflow created can be automatically sent to the survey after specific interactions such as when a case closed or opportunity is lost.

Key stakeholders will be notified of feedback for better customer relationships.

Feedback provided by the customer can be seamlessly analyzed with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

Text Analytics can be used to identify Keywords.

Simple Survey

No Integration Required; everything resides in Salesforce.

Create automated customer feedback surveys to send surveys after specific conditions such as case closure, project milestones, or follow-ups.

Responses can be analyzed through Survey Insights (open beta).

Packaged reports & dashboards measure Response Rates, Average Scores, NPS, and Leader/Slacker boards.


Provides you with 25+ Question Types including Net Promoter Score, Rich Text, Signature, and Consent

Send surveys via process builder after specific interactions such as case closed or opportunity lost.

Send Surveys to emails, users, contacts, and standard/custom object records.

Response mapping can be done to modify surveys and Form data into the Salesforce data that can be used to gain invaluable insights into the customer’s needs.

Tracking and improving customer satisfaction isn’t an easy task. When it comes to providing the best and personalized customer experience, Surveys in Salesforce would be an ideal option to get real-life answers and opinions from the customers and provide them with the right tools to always stay ahead of customer expectations.

If you need any help or guidance in setting up and creating Surveys in Salesforce, get in touch with the best Salesforce consulting company. The team of certified Salesforce consultants at Cloud Analogy can help you in every aspect of the Salesforce Survey and help you achieve functional efficiency with Salesforce. Hire the best Salesforce Consulting company now!

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