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Top 10 Features Of Salesforce Winter’21 Release

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Winter is on its way, and Salesforce Winter ’21 release is already here with new features and enhancements for multiple Salesforce products. Here is the comprehensive guide for you to look into the Salesforce Winter ‘21 release out-of-the-box features. 

With this Winter ’21 release, Salesforce has rolled out many new and innovative features for Salesforce admins and developers to make their Salesforce ecosystem easier & simpler to use. 

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Key Features In Salesforce Winter ’21 Release

1. Save A Survey As A Templates – With the Salesforce Winter ’21 release, Salesforce admins will now be able to save the survey as a template. After creating the template, users can open the survey and make a copy of it from the top-right menu option to get their own survey completed based on the template.

2. Deletion Through Record Triggered Flow – As part of the Salesforce Winter’21 release, Salesforce introduces an amazing feature called Before Delete record-triggered flow. With this feature, the Salesforce user will be able to trigger a flow when the record gets deleted. Users no longer have to write Apex code for setting this up. This auto launched flow operates in the background and updates related records when a record is deleted.

Note: The user can only perform this action before the record is deleted, not after the record is deleted. If a deleted record is recovered later, the flow’s database changes and actions aren’t rolled back. Also, record recovery can’t trigger a flow to run.

3. Auto Layouts – This is one of the best features in the Salesforce Winter ‘21 release for Salesforce users who like to keep things organized. With this new feature, they have the option of either selecting a Freeform or Auto Layout option. Autolayout is currently in the Beta stage. 

Choosing Autolayout means the user can keep adding components by clicking on the + icon. 

In this option, the user didn’t have to organize and drag things. 

4. Debug Your Flow As A Specific User – To debug your flow as any particular user, you have to enable the “Let admins debug flows as other users” setting in the Process Automation settings.

5. Locate Errors In Flow Builder – The Salesforce user can quickly discover the flow builder’s errors. While saving the flow, if there is any error, it will appear in the link form. And as you click on that error, it will be directed to the component that is showing the error.

6. Add Conditions To Trigger Flow – The Salesforce user have the ability to choose when to trigger the flow. The two options are to trigger the flow every time or only when the specific conditions are satisfied. 

7. Schedule List Emails  – List Emails can now be scheduled to be sent at the desired date and time. To schedule and select the appropriate time to send list emails, you are provided with the “Send Later” option.

8. Profile Filter – Users will be able to see all profile names in their org if the Profile Filter option is disabled. The View All Profiles permission needs to be enabled for selected users so that they are able to view all org profiles.

To enable View All Profiles permission, you have to follow these steps: Go on Setup >> users >> User Management Settings, then Enable Profile Filtering.

9. Deleted Fields – The Salesforce user can now see all the custom soft-deleted fields. They can either remove those soft-deleted fields permanently, or they can also undelete them.

To enable this, you have to Go on Setup >> Users >> User Management Settings then Enable Profile Filtering.

10. Access Related Record Data In Autolaunched Flow With Trigger

The Salesforce user doesn’t have to create Get Records elements to fetch related records. They can refer to them by using $Record.

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