Top Reasons To Attend Down Under Dreaming Sydney 2019

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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ajay Dubedi, the founder and CEO of Cloud Analogy that is a leading Salesforce Development Company known for its out-of-the-box Salesforce consulting services and Salesforce Integration solutions. I’m also a prominent Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing cloud Consultant by passion and profession. In this blog, I’ll be discussing the top reasons to attend Down Under Dreaming Sydney 2019 and why I and my colleague – Suraj Tripathi (a certified Salesforce Architect and a 7X Salesforce Certified Platform Application Developer) are visiting this prestigious Salesforce event in Australia.

I’ve had attended many Salesforce events in the last five years and recently a close friend asked me, “Why do people attend professional events and conferences?” Earlier I used to pause to think for a moment, but not anymore. Truth be told, I was a bit unaware of the facts when I first entered the “conference realm”. 

I learned the innumerable advantages of attending professional Salesforce events over time, having witnessed the educational and social benefits that conferences bring to speakers, sponsors, and attendees alike. That being said, no two events are the same and participant agendas can be totally different in this respect.

Recently, I attended two top Salesforce events – Midwest Dreamin‘ 2019 in Chicago and Forcelandia 2019 in Portland.

This post is to share my personal top reasons as to why professionals from all walks of life should attend events and conferences. Let us find out how Salesforce events like Down Under Dreaming 2019 in Sydney that I am about to explore very soon can benefit attendees in the modern and tech-savvy age we live in, especially given the amount of free information that is easily available to us.

There are many great and innovative ways to learn and sharpen your skills to stay relevant in today’s cutthroat business environment. You can access top industry blogs, attend webinars, and watch how-to videos on YouTube. Why should you bother with the expense and time of an in-person event or conference? Well, you’re really missing out on something very amazing and some of the best opportunities to take your game to the next big level if you are missing out on the live events. 

Live events, lunch & learns, and workshops offer unique career building and unique learning opportunities that you just cannot find anywhere else.

What is Down Under Dreaming?

A few years back, a few Salesforce community leaders in Midwest America came up with a dream to bring a ‘superuser group’ to the midwest. This was intended to provide a localized version to those who would not attend Dreamforce while also offering access to these “non-attendees” to quality content, speakers, and networking opportunities. 

Inspired by its success, the concept of Down Under Dreaming was brought. Today, the event has gone on to become the largest Salesforce community event in Australia and is now characterized by annual events in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Who Should Attend Down Under Dreaming?

Down Under Dreaming presents a wonderful opportunity for people who want to inspire or get inspired and enable themselves or others to do their jobs better. This Salesforce event is all about offering tangible, practical, and out-of-the-box knowledge and strategies that are delivered by top Salesforce speakers and executives. 

The most interesting and best part is that everyone who is attending Down Under Dreaming gets great value of their investment and the Salesforce platform. It is just one of the endless reasons why this Salesforce event in Australia has been so successful to date.

Best Reasons To Attend Dreaming Sydney 2019

Meet influencers and experts face to face

There is no denying the fact that not every conference in this world provides you the opportunity to meet your industry stalwarts but your chances are greatly improved when the same space is shared. At times, it’s just about meeting or taking a selfie with someone who has influenced you or making a connection that can help you find your next mentor.

Amazing Networking Opportunities

You may be a social God in your own true ways, connected to peers who may be based nationally or internationally but nothing can replace the opportunity to meet someone in real life, right before your own eyes. Period.

Prestigious Salesforce events such as Down Under Dreaming provide ample opportunities for the attendees to mix and mingle. They even promote the formation of new business relationships and strengthen existing relationships. You can easily make a connection over lunch, coffee, or cocktails. 

The best thing is that you can even find yourself sitting next to your next mentor or customer at a Salesforce event. Or, if you don’t go, you can even expect your toughest competitor to be sitting in “your seat” and winning the next mentors or customers. And you don’t want that, right?

The Energy of Like-Minded Individuals

Trust me on this one – there is simply nothing like being in a room of like-minded people who want to “better“, “help or get helped“, “receptive to ideas, suggestions, and honest feedback“. This unmatched energy is lacking in any other form of online learning channel.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Live professional events are great for breaking out of your comfort zone. It is because sitting in the same office, in the same chair, or in the same coffee home, can inhibit fresh thinking and innovative ideas. Breaking out of your comfort zones is just the thing that you’ll need.

Last but not least, you must invest in yourself. You’re worth it! Down Under Dreaming Sydney, 2019 will be a great investment in your career, your organization, and yourself. See you there!


Ajay Dubedi

CEO | Founder
Ajay Dubedi, the founder and CEO of Cloud Analogy, is a prominent Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing cloud Consultant with a rich expertise in handling challenging business models. Ajay has assisted and implemented solutions in industries comprising Banking, Health Care, Networking, Education, Telecommunication and Manufacturing. Ajay is globally acclaimed for his extensive experience in APEX Programming, VisualForce pages, Triggers, Workflows, Page Layouts, Roles, Profiles, Reports & Dashboards.

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