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Why Salesforce Field Service Is A Game Changer

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Salesforce Field Service has been nothing short of a revelation for Salesforce and Service Organizations. It is an indication of Salesforce’s recognition of the best practices and key trends in customer support. By 2020, the connected world is expected to grow to 20.8 billion things, and the support marketplace would continue to expand at an exponential rate.

In this blog, we will read about the three key trends Salesforce Salesforce Field Service responds to.

Expansion Of Omnichannel Provides A Total Customer View To Everyone

Today, customers are asking for seamless experiences across various channels. Salesforce is not the first customer relationship management company to provide a field service solution to the market, but it does offer something unique with the Salesforce Field Service. Historically, even well-known service tools had one or the other had data integration issues. In several cases, customer service agents had to use a wide range of systems to access all necessary data.

This new functionality of the time-tested Service Cloud Platform moves critical field service data into the ecosystem of Salesforce. Field service and customer service agents gain a 360-degree view of the customers with access to data on a real-time basis. Undoubtedly, efficient management of the service world is all about the data. Moreover, this data should be securely kept in a single place where all service agents, irrespective of their location, can easily manage the whole customer experience – from the sale to the service request, to field service solutions— in a single system.

Click Functionality Meets The Potential Of Salesforce

For decades, there have been gaps between customer service and field service agents. Primarily, communication between them was inhibited by the lack of access to real-time data. This gap was identified by Salesforce, the world’s premier customer relationship management company, which saw this as an amazing opportunity to build a bridge.

For this, Salesforce decided to build off the structure as it provides industry-leading functionalities in three critical areas: service scheduling, appointment booking, and workforce optimization. Employees were able to quickly adopt FSL in their daily workflows using the user interface of Salesforce.

Empower Customer Service Agents

Salesforce Field Service provides an unmatched level of mobile functionality that empowers field service agents. Real-time access to interactions, purchase history, and service requests allow agents to engage and solve critical moments with the customers proactively.

Mobile access lets them make intelligent and informed decisions for product replacement or upgrades and walk into a service job to understand the customers’ interactions with the company in the past. In other words, customer service agents will view a plethora of records of interactions, service, and product recommendations from the field the next they interact with the customer.

Salesforce has shouted out loud with Salesforce Field Service to help success-driven organizations satisfy their customers’ requirements for efficient services. It gives the entire sales team the unique ability to understand a customer’s needs that empower sales professionals to impact the Net Promoter Score that measures customer relationships’ loyalty. This is precisely what makes service a key factor to keep customers for life.

Deep-Dive Into The Salesforce Field Service Latest Features:-

Dynamic Priority

The brand new feature is designed to address the changing priority of jobs that come across dispatchers. Based on the service level agreement (SLA) importance and work order criticality, i.e., how important the tasks are, Dynamic Priority in Salesforce Field Service automatically changes the priority level of work orders for field service workers. However, the changes in priorities are made by taking into account technician availability and traveling timings. The new feature empowers field service to focus on the tasks that matter the most by decluttering technicians’ work schedules when assigning priority levels to specific tasks.

Einstein Recommendation Builder

Einstein Recommendation Builder in Salesforce Field Service leverages Salesforce’s Einstein Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that enables organizations to create the right recommendations for workers. Organizations deploy Machine Learning (ML) models to personalize service to ensure workers have the right part of the job. Einstein Recommendation Builder scans past work orders from similar jobs and provides intelligent recommendations in various contexts across business functions and industry verticals.

Asset 360

Asset 360 features allow businesses to seamlessly manage their resources and help them stay informed about the equipment installed, warranty details, and service obligations. Salesforce has designed Asset 360 that provides end-to-end field service solutions to businesses that offer a comprehensive view of install base, service contracts, and asset performance to maximize equipment uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

Appointment Assistant

Appointment Assistant in Salesforce Field Service creates automated alerts and notifications to update customers about the technician’s estimated arrival time (ETA). This innovative feature uses live status updates and GPS information for informing customers about the service status. The final feature is aimed to provide customers live tracking details of Salesforce Field service workers. With the Salesforce Appointment Assistant feature, customers can be prepared ahead by adapting social distancing measures before the technician’s arrival, potentially decreasing the technician and customer’s viral transmission risk.

Final Wrap

Salesforce Field Service, a part of Salesforce Service Cloud Suite, intended to manage onsite jobs with real-time collaboration and connect customers, workforce, and products on a single platform. This powerful, highly customized platform enables businesses to attain quicker delivery from the mobile phone to one platform.

Want to enhance business productivity and boost up the effectiveness of your field service workers? Get in touch with our top-notch field service experts to make the most of Salesforce Field Service implementation to amplify your business value and enhance your customer satisfaction.


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