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Zoho Recruit and Zoho People Integration

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If you are a tech geek, then you must know that integrating Zoho Recruit and Zoho People helps you hire faster and provides an enhanced onboarding experience. 

It automates the entire hiring process and helps eliminate manual data entry by simplifying the hiring and employee management processes. It helps streamline the recruitment workflow, from sourcing to hiring and converting the hire into an employee. 

The recruiters’ top priority is managing the hiring process and hiring managers want a solution to complete tasks without switching between multiple platforms. The integration helps you to measure the success of your hiring efforts. The recruiters ensure a data-driven hiring process with metrics like time-to-hire, quality of hire, and many more. 

This post will provide insights into what Zoho Recruit is, what Zoho People is, and steps to integrate Zoho Recruit with Zoho People.

What is Zoho Recruit? 

It is a unified, user-friendly, collaborative recruiting software created to address various issues hiring managers and human resources teams face. It offers everything they need to match the right candidates with the right role. It helps automate routine tasks to save HR’s time so they can focus on other essential activities. 

You can identify, track, and hire the top applicants with the help of Zoho Recruit’s comprehensive solutions for corporate recruiters and staffing firms without juggling several programs. It helps add value to your organizations or your clients. 

It helps to build a strong employer brand by creating a talent pool based on location, skills, and others, leveraging AI to find qualifying candidates and recruitment marketing to help candidates find you. 

Its advantages are its straightforward user interface, efficient structure, and complete customizability of Zoho Recruit. For their single window platform, recruiters can identify the ideal candidate for a job as quickly as possible. Both the pre-hire and post-hire procedures in Zoho Recruit may be set up to function exactly how you desire. 

Zoho Recruit simplifies all the steps, whether you source candidates in bulk or establish a successful brand in today’s competitive market. 

Next, we understand Zoho People. 

What is Zoho People? 

An online human resource management system called Zoho People allows you to manage and access your employee data in a centralized place. However, to start, you need a Zoho account and a device with an internet connection. 

There is no requirement for the installation of any software. Zoho People enables you to achieve more with integrations. One such integration is with Zoho Recruit.  

Zoho People is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes thanks to its broad range of modules. The modules and functionalities that Zoho People offers are listed below.

  • Self-service for Employee self-service
  • Leave management
  • Timesheets
  • Attendance management
  • Intuitive Form Builder
  • Performance appraisal management
  • Automation of HR Process 
  • In-built HR forms
  • Integration of Data View and Reports 
  • Mobile App 

Now, we come to the steps of integrating both. 

Steps to Integrate Zoho Recruit with Zoho People

  1. Sign In for the Zoho Recruit
  1. Home page of Zoho Recruit

      3. Click on the Setting Icon, which appears in the Top most Corner.

  1. Next, click on Marketplace Option
  1. Search for Zoho People in the Search box and click on that
  1. Click on the Activate button to Activate the Zoho People.
  1. Read the Info and Check the checkbox to Activate it.  
  1. Then, Enable the Zoho People Integration 
  1. Click on Save
  1. Then go to Candidates and search for candidate

10. Click on the Candidate, and the page will open.

11.  Then go to Zoho People and search for employees.


The integration between Zoho People and Zoho Recruit ensures consistency between the candidate experience during recruitment and the employee experience they will face within the organization. It aids in acclimating new hires to their job-related duties and working environment.

The integrated platform helps to complete the onboarding tasks without issues and only communicates an efficient and modern organizational culture to your new employees.

The integration enables you to turn every hire into an employee. When you turn a candidate into an employee, Zoho People instantly updates your account, allowing you to store the employee’s information accurately.

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