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5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals With Salesforce Sales Cloud

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If you as a Salesforce Sales Cloud customer looking for the surefire way to keep your sales team on top, then this blog by Shweta Bajetha, a renowned Salesforce Lightning Champion, is a must-read for you to discover how you can get more value out of Salesforce Sales Cloud by making your sales process more effective. 

No wonder Salesforce Sales Cloud provides you a comprehensive view of the entire sales business and the ability to focus on the various aspects of the sales rep’s productivity, lead conversion, pipeline, and more.

But, what if you could automate every manual process in your sales cycle and create specific customizations that cater to your team’s ever-evolving needs. 

Read on to explore some of the best ways to achieve your goals with Salesforce Sales Cloud. With the Salesforce Sales Cloud out-of-the-box features, you can seamlessly connect Salesforce Cloud to other business applications and quickly develop custom applications.

1. Customize

One of the key benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud is the ability to customize the platform for the way they sell quickly. In today’s time, organizations that customize their CRM system from the very beginning can easily manage and track sales processes and respond to the customers’ ever-changing demands and expectations. 

For this, Salesforce Sales Cloud provides you with enhanced customization so that you develop highly-customized, fine-tuned applications and interactive page layouts that are best suited for your business operations.

2. Automate

Automation is the crucial step for getting the most out of Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities and achieving your sales goals because it lets you simplify your everyday tasks while keeping other deals in motion. Most of the Sales reps spent most of their time not selling but completing their tasks manually. But, what if they could automate their jobs and spend less time clicking? 

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers you a wide range of features to automate various daily tasks and business processes such as pricing approvals, travel reports, record updates, and more. Automating your business process and tasks empowers you and your team to mainly focus on what matters to you and your business – selling.

3. Get Smart

There is no denying the absolute fact that your sales reps deal with a massive amount of customers and sales data every day. Wouldn’t it be truly effective if they could have a personal data scientist at their fingertips so that they could identify the best leads, opportunities, insights, and ways to work smarter and faster without any hassle?  To make this dream come true, Salesforce has come up with Artificial Intelligence onto the devices your salespeople use every day.

Sales Cloud Einstein Can Help You:

  • Receive targeted recommendations and advice based on your entire sales cycle.
  • Track your best quality leads via Einstein lead scoring.
  • Utilize most of your time in selling by connecting their email and calendar directly with Salesforce.

4. Develop

Sales teams rely upon Salesforce Sales Cloud to test business workflow changes or new customization for day-to-day operations before putting them into action. Testing the workflow ensures no disruption while operating any jobs on the top of the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. And that’s where sandboxes come out as an effective solution. 

It is advisable that rather than testing in the main production, you can use sandboxes known as the copies of an org in a separate environment to develop, test, and try out new ideas without compromising the main applications and data org.

5. Get Expert Advice

Utilizing the key benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud is the first vital step to achieve your sales goals faster and grow your business. But if you want to leverage the full potential of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Cloud Services are here to level up your sales game and boost your productivity. We at Cloud Analogy offer a wide range of resources, support, and services to help you make a swift transition from Salesforce Classic to lightning, sell smarter, and track deal progress at every step.

Being the top Salesforce Salesforce Consulting Partner, we offer customized and world-class Sales Cloud solutions that address your business’s unique challenges – thereby ensuring to match your exact requirements. 

Those mentioned above five most effective ways can help get the maximum value out of Salesforce Sales Cloud and enhance your employees’ overall productivity by enabling them to meaningfully devote their time towards focusing on sales and not on the painfully mundane administrative tasks. 

In a nutshell, customizing, automating, and developing are effective solutions to maintain consistent sales growth. With Sales Cloud, you can always effectively manage your sales team’s end-to-end process with Salesforce Cloud tools and implement new features. Sales Cloud’s Einstein, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool, ensures your Sales Team to sell smartly, integrated across the entire Sales process.


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Chief Technical Officer
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