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Adobe Sign Integration With Salesforce

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Adobe Sign, a cloud-based service, allows individuals and businesses to send, secure, and track electronic signatures. This e-signature service replaces physical ink and paper signatures with an electronic, fully-automated alternative. It lets you create workflows that require multiple signatures. You also have the option to choose between electronic and digital signature types to generate brand documents. Adobe Sign can also use APIs to integrate with third-party apps and platforms like Microsoft Office, Dropbox and Google Drive, SharePoint, and Salesforce.

How Adobe Sign works

Adobe Sign is a simple way to return customer and user signatures. Once a document has been signed, the creator enters the signer’s email address and presses the Send button. Signers will receive the forms in their email with a unique browser link and a secure URL. Signers do not need to install any apps or create an account. They can sign the document simply by clicking the link.

The creator will be notified when the signature has been received. Adobe Sign will send reminders and expiration notices to the signer if they do not respond. After the document has been completed, Adobe Sign will automatically archive it and send a final copy to both parties.

Adobe Sign has multifold benefits, such as

  • Electronic signatures have higher security features, including duplication prevention.
  • Signings reduce paperwork delays.
  • Signing documents can be done from anywhere and on any device.
  • This ensures compliance with all legal, availability, and security requirements.

Why integrate Adobe Sign With Salesforce?

The benefits of integrating Adobe Sign and Salesforce are

1. Close deals quickly and efficiently on any device with a few clicks by switching to the automated proposal, quote, and contract processes.

2. Eliminate business and legal risk by generating more accurate proposals, quotes, and contracts.

3. Automatically save, and archive signed documents directly in Salesforce and configure Adobe Sign in workflows such as Process Builder.

4. Integrates with various Salesforce clouds and supports the latest technologies, such as Lightning and Salesforce1 mobile.

5. Track agreements with Acrobat Sign integrated into your email client and incorporate it with Salesforce CPQ portal and Community Cloud.

6. Acrobat Sign for Salesforce works with any browser and mobile device. This app is available via AppExchange and supports Salesforce editions, including Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance.

How To Integrate Adobe Sign with Salesforce

To integrate Adobe Sign with Salesforce, you must have a Salesforce and an Adobe Sign account.

Step 1: Navigate to your Salesforce profile. In your Salesforce environment, click Setup and download Adobe Sign from AppExchange.

  • Open AppExchange. Search for Adobe Sign and Install it by clicking on Get it now.

  • Give the required permissions and click on Install. Just wait a few minutes, as installing can take a little time.

Step 2: Goto Setup and search for Adobe Sign in App Launcher and open it.


Step 3: Click the Adobe Sign Admin to launch the Installation Wizard and link the Adobe Sign account with Salesforce.

Step 4: Fill in the Adobe Sign credentials and click ok. And Adobe Sign will successfully be linked with Salesforce.

Step 5: To get all notifications and status updates related to Adobe Sign on your Salesforce account, click Enable and Next.

Step 6: Now your Setup is completed. And Adobe Sign is integrated with Salesforce.


The primary goal of agreement signing functionality was achieved with the integration of Adobe Sign. Adobe could automatically save the date and status for all steps such as ‘Document sent to User,’ ‘Signed by User,’ ‘Canceled by User,’ and ‘Document created but not sent.


Salesforce integration with Adobe Sign is used to quickly and securely get electronic signatures or approvals for any document directly from Salesforce. This integration provides a simple signature workflow that individuals or organizations can quickly adopt and implement to increase business productivity and drive results.

Furthermore,  sales teams can send, track, and sign contracts—anywhere, on any device—without any hassles and leaving the Salesforce products and apps your team uses daily, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and more.

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