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Celebrating 5 Years Of Purpose: A Letter From Our CEO

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Tomorrow is a special day: Cloud Analogy’s 5th anniversary.

Early on, I had the vision of disrupting the CRM ecosystem like no other organization had ever done and help each and every CRM user in this world leverage the amazing, out-of-the-box capabilities that CRM suites like Salesforce possess. It was indeed a bold idea and a lot of my associates and family thought it was an insane idea to even start with. It is really amazing to think about how far cloud computing and CRM has come since then, and we all at Cloud Analogy can surely be proud of the role we have played in that evolution.

Today, companies can no longer play it safe especially in the challenging times of persistent industry disruption we are in now. Truth be told, today is the ideal time for every organization to grow its core business by offering new products and innovative solutions in existing markets and expand the footprint of existing products to new markets. At Cloud Analogy, we avoid disruption by leaning into disruptive technologies and continuing our endless journey to remain close to the innovation frontier

During the last 5 years, Cloud Analogy has always strived to do more and to do engaging and important things with the resources we have. No doubt, we have managed to survive and prosper through the ups and downs (and there have been plenty of both). Our teams of innovators are guiding organizations, from brick-and-mortar stores to Fortune 500 Companies embark on their CRM journey by helping them leverage innovative capabilities and technologies allowing them to transform their operations. 

The teams of certified CRM experts at Cloud Analogy spend every day on disruptive innovation as we truly believe in the mindset that all disruption is innovative, but not all innovations are disruptive. The certified CRM admins, developers, and consultants at Cloud Analogy ensure that CRM products, services, technologies, and functionalities don’t become too inaccessible, too sophisticated, or too expensive to have any real lasting power for our clients so they don’t have to look to radical alternatives to meet their needs. We empower our clients by helping them become aware of the threats posed by disruption and increase their resilience to disruption. This also helps them access more competitive solutions to keep their business thriving.

We are excited about:

  • Empowering brilliant entrepreneurs and organizations to flourish.
  • Improving the oversight and transparency of what we at Cloud Analogy are doing.
  • Getting more ambitious things done to stay in control of our vision to be the CRM industry leader.
  • Taking the long-term view.
  • And hopefully… as a result of all this, improving and making a difference to the lives of as many people as we can.

I would like to take this moment to congratulate and thank every member of the Cloud Analogy family for being there with us. A special thanks to our clients, partners, vendors, biggest supporters, and even critics. We couldn’t have made this far without each one of you. Our brand today has been much stronger and relevant than ever before. Our pipeline of breakthrough innovation and new products has never been more robust. In the coming months, we aspire to enter into and adapt technologies, markets, and products. The long-term commitment of Cloud Analogy to consistently deliver an elevated partner experience is unwavering and would always be that way. You have my word on this.

People ask me how Cloud Analogy has stayed so motivated through the last 5 years, especially in an industry resistant to change. My answer is simple – we care deeply and immensely about the customer experience. We know it can be done better. We are going to prove it to the world and would continue doing that every single day of our existence.

Many thanks to the incredible team at Cloud Analogy and our clients and partners. Thank you for these 5 special years and here’s to celebrating the next successful chapter together.

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