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Everything You Need To Know About The Salesforce Summer ’20 Release

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Every year, Salesforce rolls out three major releases – Spring, Summer, and Winter – with new features and enhancements for multiple Salesforce products. The cloud-based platform delivers all the features in real-time, to ensure that all Salesforce and CRM professionals run the same version of Salesforce with the latest features.

Salesforce release notes provide you a brief, general description of the implemented changes as well as effective tips to help you get the most of your Salesforce CRM capabilities.

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release notes are here. With this release, Salesforce has introduced many new and innovative features to make your Salesforce ecosystem easier & simpler to use.

Here is a quick overview of Salesforce Summer ‘20 release notes! Read on and explore the most exciting and highly customizable features and upgrades of the newest Salesforce Summer ‘20 release.

Top 13 Features of Salesforce Summer ’20 Release

1. Split List View

With a split list view, you can work through the list with ease in a split pane layout. You can view a list and record without navigating away from the page. 

To switch to a new record, select it from the split list view, and the new record is displayed with the list. Split view is ideal for going through tracks one by one or for scrolling through a set of records at one time. 

2. Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is a Salesforce low-code tool that is used to develop the Lightning notes page on Lightning App Builder. This provides the ability to configure record detail fields and sections within the Lightning App Builder. With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate fields and sections from your page layout as separate components in the Lightning Application Builder. You can then configure it like other page components, allowing users only the fields and sections they need.

Dynamic Forms enables you to create sub-sections of page layouts by placing them anywhere on the Salesforce Lightning page. 

3. In-App Guidance Builder

In-App Guidance provides the ability to create helpful prompts & walkthroughs and onboarding sequences for your users, assisting them on how to perform a task or navigate through the Salesforce interface. It enables you to define up to 500 prompts to provide information and train Salesforce users. 

4. View Records Using Full View 

Full View is an extraordinary feature very similar to the classic view of Salesforce. This feature offers you two record page view default options. You have the option to choose between the current view that is now known as Grouped view and the new Full view. 

The full view displays all details and related lists on the same page. This feature includes the same functionality as the beta release and is available for eligible Salesforce orgs.

5. Set Up Alerts for Big Deals in Lightning Experience

With Lightning Experience, you can now set up automatic email notifications for opportunities. Previously, you had to switch to Salesforce Classic to set up Big Deal Alerts. This change applies to Salesforce Lightning Experience editions Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

6. Einstein Search

Einstein Search boosts up the standard search field and is available for free in Enterprise, Performance & Unlimited editions. The tool displays records with more context, providing you with suggested and relevant search results, and enabling natural language processing.

7. Einstein Vision: Recognize Text in Images with Einstein OCR

Harness the power of AI and leverage optical character recognition (OCR) models that recognize alphanumeric text in an image with Einstein OCR. You access the Einstein deep learning models from a single REST API endpoint.

8. Attach .csv Files to Report Subscriptions (Beta)

When users subscribe to a report, a new option lets them choose to receive results as a .csv file attached to the subscription email. The email itself contains the report name in the subject line, but there is no email body.

9. Speed Up Org Maintenance with the Optimizer App

This feature lets you quickly identify issues that need to be addressed immediately by using the sortable results list view. Go through Salesforce’s recommendations to plan and execute the next steps. 

Use the quick link on the results page to go directly to the application setup page. Previously, you could only use optimizer content by scrolling through an English language report delivered as a PDF file.

10. Push Notification Limits Have Increased

Now, you have the ability to send up to 20,000 iOS and 10,000 Android push notifications per hour per org.

11. Debug More Flows Faster

You can now use the Flow Builder debug option for schedule-triggered flows. The debugging options include the Lookup screen component that makes it easier to set recording variables. 

12. Aura Components in the ui Namespace Are Being Deprecated

Salesforce platform plans to end support for Aura components in the ui namespace on May 1, 2021. You can still continue to utilize these components beyond May 1, 2021, but support cases will not be accepted thereafter.

13. Einstein Reply Recommendations

One of the amazing features for those that are using Live Agent with Service Cloud. The live chat software tool allows agents to be more efficient in dealing with customer queries and provide exceptional and interactive customer service. You can now supercharge the customer support with Einstein’s reply and response recommendations based on common questions.

Salesforce Summer 20 Release Date

Here’s the new Summer ’20 release schedule:

  1. Sandbox preview: May 29-30, 2020
  2. Summer ’20 Production release
  3. First Release window: June 12
  4. Second Release window: July 10
  5. Third Release window: July 17-18, 2020

That’s a quick look at some of the most interesting Summer ’20 features. 

Discover more about what new features are available with the Summer ’20 release through the release notes, and contact Cloud Analogy, a top-rated Salesforce development company, and Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, if you are looking to explore the best of Salesforce products, services, and capabilities.


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