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How to Build a Website using HubSpot

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HubSpot is a powerful tool for your marketing, sales, service, and operations teams. It’s a tool used and navigated by your entire team. The software is built to serve the purpose of creating meaningful relationships with each of your customers. With everything lying on the same interface, your HubSpot CRM is not a sales tool but a business tool.

HubSpot helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close & retain customers. It is a marketing, sales, and service platform. It takes the help of a single source of truth, intuitive UX, and a unified codebase. It also has an easy and free drag-and-drop editor for building a custom website. 

It can equip companies to manage better marketing, sales, service, and operations efforts.

This blog post will provide insights into the benefits of HubSpot and steps to build a Website using HubSpot.

Benefits of HubSpot –

  • Organize and track your leads and customers across hubs with HubSpot. In fact, HubSpot CRM is the free customer relationship management (CRM) platform that forms the foundational layer of HubSpot tools.
  • Prevent your team from using a spreadsheet (or multiple spreadsheets) to organize your contacts with this free tool.
  • Help your whole business function better together, starting right from when a potential customer views a social media post or blog from you to the emails sent to them, to handing them to your sales team for their first purchase, to the customer service received by them, all the way to them promoting your company to their peers.
  • Host web pages and landing pages, create blogs and email sequences, and manage interactions with your customers and leads with Hubspot tools while analyzing the success of campaigns and tracking user behavior.

Steps on Building Website using HubSpot?

HubSpot offers the most over-the-top total bundle of administrations with regards to building and facilitating your site, as well as executing your whole showcasing procedure, including contributing to a blog, email, greeting pages, investigating, leading the executives, promoting mechanization, SEO, virtual entertainment and that’s just the beginning.

Let’s see how you can build your own Website using HubSpot. 

Step 1: Log in to your HubSpot Account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one by clicking on Sign up.

Step 2: Navigate to the Marketing Hub menu list and click on the Website option.

Step 3: After clicking on the Website option, it will show a list of options that you can create, which are:

  • Website Pages
  • Blog
  • SEO

Step 4: Click on the Website Page option to proceed.

Step 5: Now you will land on the Website page. Click on the Create button in the top right corner.

Step 6: It will give you two options to select the website or landing page from here.

Step 7: It will automatically generate the Website Url and ask for Page Name, so you need to provide the page name for your Website Page. 

Step 8: After providing the Page name, click the Create Page button to proceed. 

Step 9: Now it will ask for a theme to start with, so you need to pick a theme from plenty of options given according to your Page motive.

Step 10: Select a template according to your Website Page.

Step 11: You will be landed on a selected template from which you can edit and modify the Website page. 

Step 12: Now you can modify your website page by adding different types of modules and components by providing the Website Title name. 

Step 13: Click on the Publish button to publish the website page. 

Step 14: Once your website page is published, you will see a Website Url using which you can use the created website page and also can edit, promote and do many more options. 

Woohoo! Your website Page is live now. 


Using Website Pages, you can create your modified Website page using different types of templates and making it UI attractive for the users via adding multiple module options given in the HubSpot by just using Drag n Drop, which makes it easier and feasible to work on the HubSpot. 

HubSpot can build a unique, branded website without being a developer. Within a short time, you can create a custom website. It allows you to preview your content before it goes live.

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