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How To Make The Most Out Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a robust digital marketing tool, offers a wide range of capabilities to assist organizations of all sizes to get more value out of their marketing efforts. However, it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation.

Let’s dive into the world of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a checklist to ensure that your success-driven organization is set up for success.

1. You Will Need Assistance

To make sure Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation meets your business needs, the strategy should be planned and executed well. There is no denying the fact that Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) that comes with hundreds of features. From the outside, everything appears so easy to set up and run. 

However, things are not as easy as they appear in the first place, especially when it comes to implementing. The fact that a wonky implementation of Salesforce products can prove disastrous for running a scalable, long-term CRM makes things worse. If this is not all, you’ll be surprised to know that a significant majority of businesses use only a very small fraction of the full power of Salesforce. It’s around this time that Salesforce becomes a pretty unavoidable and unpopular word in the workplace. 

Is there a better way to do this? Of course, successful businesses worldwide hire the industry’s most preferred Salesforce Implementation Partner by joining hands with Cloud Analogy. This prominent Salesforce Implementation Company has experienced teams of certified Salesforce Admins, Consultants, Integrators, and Customization experts.

2. Think Strategy Before Tactics

You may find it hard to accept, but a big majority of business owners and marketers treat Salesforce as just a powerful CRM when, in fact, it is a business-focused solution above all other functions. This is precisely the reason why your organization needs a reputed Salesforce Implementation Partner that spends quality time to know your business and its requirements and expectations before planning, implementing applications, page layouts, fields, and all technical detail. In short, you need to focus on the strategy before the tactics, and this is where a professional Salesforce Implementation Organization can assist you in countless ways.

3. Focus On Data, Data, And Data

Data is critical and of paramount importance for your business targeting and personalizing its digital marketing efforts. Therefore, it does make sense for you to start with your data model at the earliest and understand what kind of data is required by your business, what data you already have, and what data you will find to explore and utilize. You must always remember not to just plan for your immediate needs but instead on how your business can be flexible for the future too.

4. Set Realistic Functionality Goals

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers, comprises many products such as Email Studio, Social Studio, Journey Builder, Advertising Studio, and Mobile Studio. However, it is challenging to implement all of them at once. Moreover, it can also prove out to be a massive investment in terms of Salesforce licensing. 

Therefore, you should first concentrate on which features will be more relevant and useful for you. Over a period of time, you can incorporate Marketing Cloud products, services, and capabilities as your familiarity with them grows.

5. Work Closely With An Industry Expert

There is a good reason why you can find Salesforce Implementation Partners in the Salesforce ecosystem. They have teams of certified and experienced Salesforce Admins, Consultants, Developers, and Technicians that can assist you with almost everything in the context of Salesforce products, services, and capabilities.

It is always recommended for you to hire professional Salesforce Developers and Consultants for your project by choosing a reputed Salesforce Implementation Company like Cloud Analogy. This is simply because acquiring these skills by yourself will take a lot of time, effort, and other resources while hiring freelance Salesforce developers from dubious websites can be a tricky and costly affair. Therefore, it is best to trust only industry experts. Moreover, you should not simply hand off the project and then stand back and wait for the results. For this, you need to work closely with your Salesforce Implementation Partner.


Salesforce Implementation is a complicated process, and only a highly-skilled team of certified Salesforce experts can provide you with complete peace of mind. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services from Cloud Analogy enable you to drive personalized and data-driven marketing. Transform your business by choosing Cloud Analogy, a Salesforce development company now!


Deepali Kulshrestha

Salesforce Certified Developer | Delivery Management Head
Deepali, a certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator and Salesforce Developer and CSPO Certified at Cloud Analogy, is a successful name in the industry circles when it comes to the delivery of successful projects with end-to-end testing. Deepali is a globally-renowned industry stalwart when it comes to managing Operations & Delivery Planning in driving Business Performance Management.

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