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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Top 10 Mistakes Digital Marketers Make

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As a digital marketer, do you want to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of digital marketing automation and business analytics? In today’s time, the demand for business process automation has increased manifold to increase workflow efficiency and productivity. And that’s where Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes into the picture.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides you with a scalable and secure platform that helps businesses fulfill this requirement for marketing automation by delivering a comprehensive customer journey to plan, personalize, and optimize customer journeys across various devices and channels.

However, many digital marketers make inevitable general mistakes that can lead to their marketing strategies backfire in the long run.

In this blog post, we will deep-dive into some of the most common mistakes digital marketers make while working on Salesforce Marketing Cloud and learn how to avoid them.

1. Spreading Yourself Too Thin

In today’s hyper-connected world, digital marketers tend to make the mistake of targeting multiple customers simultaneously with the belief that they will gain more traction and better results. 

It is essential to consider that if you are likely to target more audience than you want, your services could not make an impressive impact as your marketing message may get lost. You might not be able to attract a particular group of customers for your services. So marketers shouldn’t approach more target audiences at a single time to make a much more significant impact.

2. Not Utilizing Proven Marketing Channels

Salesforce marketing cloud offers a channel-specific approach that enables you to connect with your customers via marketing channels that are most relevant and best suited to your business. Being in a marketing field, you shouldn’t ignore the marketing channels that have proven to be the most productive for marketing communications, including email, mobile and social media. It is worth mentioning that the best marketing channels help establish promotional campaigns and likely produce better results.

3. Overlooking Your Goals

There’s no denying that digital marketing has emerged as one of the most potent forces in the marketing space. It is also defined as a goal-focused activity. To set effective business goals, the marketers need to cart a detailed marketing strategy based on defined goals that you would like to achieve over a certain period.

This plethora of features and editions on the marketing cloud platform can distract digital marketers from their goals. It is advisable to keep your core marketing goals in mind while carrying out any marketing activity on the CRM platform.

4. Over-Messaging

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can build custom messages and interact with your customers via multiple marketing channels. However, this doesn’t give marketers the ability to utilize it for over-messaging.

You never heard of anyone who enjoys being bombarded with advertising messages from the same company when they are occupied with other important tasks, no matter how loyal the customer is. The most important key point is to focus on quality, not quantity. It is crucial to create and convey fewer messages for successful brand communication, but the messages should contain highly engaging, original, and creative content.

5. Taking Email Marketing Too Lightly

Email marketing is a cornerstone of every marketing campaign. Utilize the full potential of email marketing to build and increase brand awareness within your space.

Remember to create compelling, personalized emails based on your customers’ specific needs and preferences. Email marketing is an excellent way to reach multiple existing customers and potential customers at the same time. Furthermore, you can seamlessly manage potential customers by tracking your emails.

6. Limiting Yourself To One Marketing Channel

One of the critical features of the Marketing Cloud is that it facilitates multi-channel communication with customers. It is highly important not to limit yourself to just a single channel. If you are only using a single marketing channel, it means you’re limiting the potential of how many people you’re reaching.

7. Ignoring Strategic Content

A digital marketing campaign will lose its essence without a strong content strategy. You need to make sure the content you use to create all cloud marketing campaigns is critical because it’s the content that wins your prospects and encourages them to engage with your business. It is always wise to plan strategically and use your content accurately to ensure that your message reaches your customers in the best way possible.

8. Lack Of Hyper-Targeting

Hyper-targeting is reflected in a particular customer targeting process, where you target your audience with a personalized message. In this world, when customers demand increased personalization, you cannot miss out on hyper-targeting. It is advisable to post your messages on the platforms where your customers are most likely to consume them.

9. Buying Social Media Followers

Organic marketing is the best form of sustainable marketing. You should never buy followers on different social media platforms to make a false show that you are getting more traction. This might look like your business account is operating well, but it is definitely not sustainable in the long term. So, you should try to earn your followers instead of buying them.

10. Ignoring A/B Or Split Testing

A/B or split testing is the marketing-based research method where you show two versions of the same campaign to an audience and track and record each campaign’s reactions.

You need to test different versions of your campaign before starting a marketing campaign to identify the version with the most responses. This can help ensure your campaigns’ effectiveness and scalability by knowing what is working well with your target audience and what is not working. 

Final Wrap

In short, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud would be an ideal platform for delivering relevant, personalized journeys across various channels that would allow marketers to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, you can tailor services to the needs of your customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides you with innumerable benefits that you can leverage by using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities. Whether you’re getting started with email marketing campaigns or want to take your personalized marketing to the next level, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has got you covered.  However, it is vital to use the platform properly to make the most of it. 


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