Rules and Strategies for Customer Engagement

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Do you know what usually leads to the failure of a product? Despite too many efforts made by the marketers, some product fails. This can be due to several reasons like they don’t know who are the customers, lack of communicating the best value proposition, absence of deep understanding about the customers’ requirements, or insufficient customer awareness about the product, to name a few. 

Most importantly, it is really essential to understand the importance of customer engagement for businesses when it comes to delivering the best quality products and services. Great customer engagement is critical to continuously keep your customers engaged for the growth and progress of your business.

What is Customer Engagement and Why is it important than ever?

Customer engagement can be defined as one-time or collective ongoing interactions between the company and customer whereby the business provides the customer with the product and the customer access the product as per his or her preferences. This occurrence opens up the possibility for customers to get engage with the brand. 

If the customer engagement strategy is planned and executed successfully, it will foster brand loyalty and increase business growth as well as profitability. Highly engaged customers tend to purchase and promote more and stay more loyal in the short as well as in the long run. Therefore, rich and personalized customer engagement is the direct pathway to every important business objective.

In order to build strong, loyal, and long-lasting business relationships, you need to understand and implement rules for customer engagement for increasing sales and revenue.

Enhance your Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Technology

The AI innovation wave has transformed the way businesses interact with customers. In this regard, customer service chatbots that are powered by AI are much better than micro-moment communication. 

Leveraging AI-powered customer service chatbots will help to focus on having more intelligent, real-time, and meaningful conversations with customers instead of performing monotonous actions. Today, customer service chatbots have become widely available and assist with 24 x 7 customer support, answer questions without any human intervention, and provide support to many customers at a single time.

AI is making customer engagement more effective through its massive power to multi-task and quickly respond with automated queries. By controlling research timing and offering considerable action plans, AI-assisted automation of customer service platforms can provide automated and quick responses with accuracy that humans can’t even comprehend to deliver yet.

Artificial Intelligence for customer engagement will lead to more economical and intuitive self-service user interfaces. Its capabilities will help predict the specific needs of customers learning from their contexts, previous chat history, and preferences.

As we all know, a good and better understanding of customers is the first step towards delivering excellent customer experience. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can help accelerate this understanding.

It’s time for Customer Engagement Application Platforms

The Application Platform will empower developers in a systematic and reformed way to consume and customize enterprise software applications. Application platforms are used like SaaS applications that provide the ability to build applications repeatedly, scale applications on-demand, and integrate applications with other services. 

The key benefits of the Application Platform are its simplicity and convenience for the users. The SaaS platform provider supplies much of the infrastructure and other IT services that users can access, anywhere and anytime with the web browsers.

Use Social Media for Business

Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage, and Facebook Messenger are predominantly used for consumer-to-consumer communication. Businesses are likely to use these apps as new channels to engage with customers at the right time. 

If used effectively, Social Media can be the most powerful tool for businesses. 

With Social media platforms, customers can connect with customer service representatives quickly and easily. Businesses can receive, review, and respond to customers’ complaints effectively and efficiently.

Building up high-quality relationships with clients becomes easier with streamlined communication through social media to help you achieve your business objectives. Building and managing strong relationships with key influencers help you gain a lot of value for your brand.

Balancing Customer Experience with Data Security

In today’s time, secure transactions, data privacy, and security are critical parts of the customer experience process and business communication strategy. With rapidly evolving technologies happening around us with every passing day, data and information security are often being neglected. 

With the arrival of devices, technologies, and machines such as driverless cars, connected medical devices, and artificial intelligence, security often gets abandoned for the sake of speed. Companies need to focus more on security measures to provide exceptional, personalized, and efficient customer experiences by keeping customer data safe.

Customer experience is key for companies to stand out of the competition in today’s increasingly growing market, and security is a significant aspect of the overall process of customer experience.

Rewards and Incentives

Keeping your customers engaged with some rewards and incentives like coupons or special offers seems to be a good idea to double the impact powering customer engagement. Offering great and exciting rewards is one of the best ways to attract, engage, and retain customers.

Customer loyalty programs are not just about offering discounts and rewards. They are created using the purchase history and customer-provided data in mind to present customers with timely and relevant offers. This, in turn, can improve your engagement levels in the modern business world.

Final Words

I hope these new rules and strategies for customer engagement will be highly beneficial for the growth of your business. Interact and engage with your customers through intuitive tools to provide seamless customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and enhance customer loyalty towards your brand. 

Put the power in the customer’s hands, you will be able to meet their requirements and hence win their trust. Ultimately, you will be able to create the loyal customer base that you’ve always wanted to succeed in your business, today and always.


Ajay Dubedi

CEO | Founder
Ajay Dubedi, the founder and CEO of Cloud Analogy, is a prominent Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing cloud Consultant with a rich expertise in handling challenging business models. Ajay has assisted and implemented solutions in industries comprising Banking, Health Care, Networking, Education, Telecommunication and Manufacturing. Ajay is globally acclaimed for his extensive experience in APEX Programming, VisualForce pages, Triggers, Workflows, Page Layouts, Roles, Profiles, Reports & Dashboards.

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