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Report Smuggler Webinar-The Game Changer Of Salesforce Reports

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Are you looking for a powerful app that enables you to create and manage Salesforce reports for getting an up-to-the-minute view of an aspect of your business? Salesforce provides a wide range of out-of-the-box reporting tools to help success-driven organizations understand and act on data instantly. But Salesforce by default doesn’t facilitate sharing of these reports with non-Salesforce users. This is where the Report Smuggler app comes into the picture.

Report Smuggler, presented by Cloud Analogy, is an out-of-the-box Salesforce native app to create, access, maintain, download, and share Salesforce reports with Salesforce as well as non-Salesforce users. This amazing Salesforce-based application would be an ideal choice for users who are looking to simplify and accelerate business processes. 

Interested in learning more? Hear right from the certified Salesforce experts – Ajay Dubedi, the CEO and founder of Cloud Analogy, and Nitish Bhardwaj, the Chief Information Officer at Cloud Analogy, on the amazing features and advantages of the Report Smuggler app and why businesses should definitely consider Report Smuggler for all their Salesforce Reports.

This interactive webinar on Report Smuggler content-The Game Changer Of Salesforce Reports will take place on Thursday, April 23, 2020, at 5:30 AM GMT/11:00 PM IST.

Webinar Key Takeaways

  1. Why is sharing of Salesforce reports with non-Salesforce users critical?
  2. Introduction about Report Smuggler.
  3. How to enhance transparency and better sharing of data and information across the organization?
  4. Report Smuggler Report sharing via email and Scheduling.
  5. Report Smuggler Report on-site and other functionality demos.

Webinar Details

Webinar Topic: Report Smuggler-The Game Changer Of Salesforce Reports

Ajay Dubedi: CEO, Cloud Analogy | CRM Disruptor and Innovator | Salesforce Consultant

Nitish Bharadwaj: Chief Information Officer at Cloud Analogy | Salesforce Principal Consultant | Certified CPQ Specialist

Date: April 23, 2020

Time: 5:30 AM GMT/11:00 PM IST

How to join?

To register for this webinar, visit here. If you want to harness the full potential of Salesforce reports, you just don’t want to miss this webinar!

This will be an interactive webinar so feel free to put your questions before our Salesforce expert. 

Can’t Attend in Person? If you can’t attend the live webinar, you can still register for this webinar to receive an emailed recording after the live session takes place.

If you want to discuss anything related to Salesforce development, data migration, consultancy, administration and more, please feel free to reach out to Cloud Analogy’s teams of Salesforce certified experts. They would be more than happy to assist in almost everything in the context of Salesforce products, services, and capabilities. Hire the best Salesforce Development Company now!



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