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Salesforce Admin – Build Reports Lightning Fast!

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The most necessary subject of an organization for successful business management is ‘Report’ creation. One of the major factors why companies use Salesforce is the capability to analyze how groups are performing. Reports are the most powerful approaches when it comes to understanding and visualizing data in an organization.

Salesforce Lightning platform is a modern, fast UI designed to help your sales users to be more productive and efficient. Lightning is the evolution of Salesforce, allowing it to be utilized daily by the modern user. It has opened entryways for analysts, executives, and clients to vocalize superior stories with records.

To get a better and faster experience of creating Reports in Salesforce, one must use the Lightning Experience.

What is Salesforce Lightning Report Builder?
Salesforce Lightning Report Builder is a highly powerful and intuitive tool for analyzing your organization’s data. It helps you group, filter, summarize records to answer crucial questions such as how much revenue we are generating from the business for a particular period.

The reports you create through the builder are known as source reports. Each report delivers data for your components. Moreover, readers can scope the data i.e. you can view the components in the dashboard using filters.

With the Salesforce Spring’21 release, you can now build reports lightning fast like never before. There’s been an addition of ample features that enhances the performance of the lightning report builder. It enables users to quickly add, delete, and reorder fields and smoothly perform other actions. You can also select multiple fields and drag them into the lightning report builder while creating your report.

Here are the best tips that can help you build your reports faster in Lightning using Salesforce Lightning Report Builder.

  1. Keep Update preview automatically toggle button off
    Whenever you start creating a new report in Lighting, you’ll notice that the update preview automatically toggle button is set to off. It’s because sometimes we add any column in our report, it takes time to refresh the report. So, it is recommended to keep that toggle button off.
    Once you think that the report should be refreshed now, just click on the refresh button at the top of the columns and it’ll be refreshed.
  1. Use double click to add the columns from the outline pane
    Drag and drop could be tricky when it comes to managing thousands of records. Instead of Drag and Drop, you can double click or lookup fields to add them as a column in the report. It is now simpler and faster when it comes to entering the same details into the report.


  1. Quickly build Formula using Row Level Formula
    You can quickly build row-level formulas from the outline pane. For this, an admin should have the knowledge of using different formula functions. You can derive formulas as per your usage and can incorporate them to classify your records.
  1. Using Field level actions
    Salesforce Lightning provides us few field-level actions such as Unique count, summarize by Sum, Average, Max, and Min, etc that will allow us to simplify the reports for other users. It enables users to easily identify and understand the data specific to their needs
  1. New records will be adding up automatically into the report types(Winter 21 release update)
    Earlier, we always had to add the custom fields manually into the custom reports, only then they had been added into our reports. But now, as per the winter 2021 release, it’ll add automatically into the report types.
  1. Filter On-the-fly with Dynamic Reports
    We have few more actions on the run page that will help the users see the reports as per their requirements. For example, John has created a new report which will show the opportunities with Open Status but when Sarah was there on the same report, she wants to see all the opportunities that are Closed Won. So, Instead of creating multiple versions of the same report, they’ll create a dynamic report that will allow the user to add the filter values as per their requirement. And it also prevents other users from edits to the main structure of the report.

Every business running needs crystal clear ‘Reports’ to achieve insights into their organization’s health. It helps them in better understanding and prognosticates business processes. With Salesforce Lightning, creating reports is now easy, faster, simpler, and effective. Salesforce provides innumerable Salesforce Lightning reports benefits to admins, developers, and all levels of management for faster and successful business growth.

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