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What To Expect From Cloud Computing In 2020?

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Dreamforce 2019 is now behind us. Truth be told, I was more thrilled than ever to be a part of the Salesforce’s premier annual and the most-celebrated event. As the industry pioneer in the consulting partner ecosystem, Cloud Analogy has been leveraging seamless Salesforce services and capabilities for more than half a decade now.

Top Cloud Computing Trends In 2020-Future Of Cloud Computing

Ajay Dubedi, the CEO and Founder of Cloud Analogy, remarked the past, present, and future of cloud computing are the subjects of countless technology and business discussions and the year 2020 will be no exception. Dubedi added the year 2020 brings with it a dawn of a new decade of CRM and IT innovations, fueled by all the amazing advancements made in 2019.

The CEO of the world’s most popular Salesforce Development Company added the definition of cloud computing has significantly changed over the years, with the fast growth of hybrid and edge cloud adoption. It comes as no surprise that Statista has predicted that public cloud spending is expected to reach $411 billion by 2020.

Ajay Dubedi added developments in the segment of cloud computing are moving at a pace that can be impossible to predict in the first place itself. He further commented that some big-picture trends are however likely to receive more attention as a big majority of emerging cloud computing trends are stemming from the industry that is entering a phase of increased compatibility and standardization, which is surely a sign of maturity in any technology sector.

This is pretty much evident from the fact that cloud infrastructure – hosted, public, and on-premises – is increasingly less siloed that allows data streams to be more mobile and workloads to be more portable.

Thanks largely to the open-source movement, this standardization is facilitating an upward shift in focusing up the stack. The best part is that new channel roles are likely to emerge for supporting application-level processes, from enabling high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, to delivering novel application and Software as a Service (SaaS) Ops development services. With these developments on the cards, CRM products, services, and capabilities such as Salesforce implementation, Salesforce consultancy, Salesforce integration are likely to grow further.

More Automation And End To Cloud Sprawl

Some market economists predict a selective or total economic downturn with organizations in today’s cutthroat business environment driving processes to cloud technologies. Moreover, organizations are more than ready now to leverage automation to reduce costs and enable business initiatives.

This economics, irrespective of whether a sustained downturn is evitable or not, is a natural part of the comprehensive landscape of cloud computing. This, in turn, means enhanced transformation and better cloud technologies.

By the same economic token, a big majority of businesses are likely to take a hard look at cloud sprawl to seek better management, strategic consolidations, and enhanced efficiencies across a wide range of products and capabilities.

Contract evaluations, metrics, and reporting are likely to peak under these conditions. Furthermore, technology leaders would be now more likely to recognize the waste, exposure, and redundancies in cloud sprawl that will further invite opportunities to clean things up.

Big Compliance Efforts

The world has been a witness to cases after cases where rapid and evolving technologies have produced security and technology issues. Touching on cloud growth and sprawl, huge governance and compliance effort is a sure shot possibility for most organizations.

The first, big testament emerged when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules were passed in 2018 by the European Union. Similarly, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will come into force on January 1, 2020.

Security and compliance will continue to impact the landscape and ecosystem of the cloud computing industry in the times to come, especially with the cloud gaining massive prominence in our society.

Just The Beginning

As the year 2020 shapes up to be another wonderful year of rapid changes for the information technology industry, it is essential to keep in mind the necessary know-how and resources to harness and leverage the power of the latest innovations and capabilities.

There are ample opportunities for organizations, irrespective of their size or line of operations, to embrace evolving technologies to become future-proof organizations of tomorrow.

Is your enterprise prepared to explore the wonderful opportunities and mitigate threats that are possible in 2020 and beyond? Schedule a consultation with Cloud Analogy – the first and obvious choice of the world when it comes to Salesforce implementation, Salesforce consultancy, Salesforce integration, and more.


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