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Difference Between a Trailhead Playground and a Developer Edition Org

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Salesforce offers an interactive and amazing learning tool, i.e., Trailhead – the fun way to learn for users of the Salesforce platform. 

Trailhead is one of the most innovative learning portals for people with all levels of Salesforce knowledge to explore and learn how to make most out of the Salesforce CRM platform with no prior experience required.

What is a Trailhead Playground?

A Trailhead Playground (TP) is your own personal Salesforce org that you can use to access the hands-on challenges. You can use a trailhead playground to try out different features and customizations available within the  Salesforce Platform. 

With Trailhead Playground, you can play around such as writing Lightning components and creating new custom objects and make other customizations without having an impact on your production org.

You can do almost anything in your Trailhead playground and it includes a specific set of trailhead data to help you master the challenges. Trailhead Playground has some limitations, but it provides the same customization options as a production org. You can create several playgrounds as a different org.

What is the difference between Trailhead Playground and the Developer Edition Org?

If you are used to trying out new Salesforce features and functionalities in the development environment, you probably already have the Developer Edition (DE) org. DE org is an org used to test new features and implementations in Salesforce without affecting a production org.

And on the other hand, the trailhead playground is similar to DE org that is equipped with specific trailhead data and unmanaged pre-installed packages that are utilized to test your hands-on challenges.

Trailhead on Mobile phones

You can also access trailhead playground via mobile phones.  In the mobile version of the trailhead playground, the menu bar has four options – ‘Home’, ‘learn’, ‘Credentials’, and ‘community’. Sometimes the menu bar does not render any data so the screen appears blank.

In this case, please try once by clearing your browser cache data from your mobile.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Setup-> Application Management-> Select Browser-> Erase Data

Features of Trailhead Playground

  • You can store a TP on your Trailhead profile so you don’t need to log in each time you tackle a hands-on challenge.
  • If you want a new TP, you can develop up to 10 orgs at any time.
  • Easily switch between orgs via the hands-on org dropdown menu.
  • A managed package is installed in your TP to personalize your org with Trailhead’s goodness, such as custom data/metadata and a welcome tab.


A Trailhead Playground org is a safe Salesforce environment where you can discover new topics and get hands-on skills practice. Trailhead Playgrounds come with all the standard app building and customization tools required to test your app development abilities. 

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