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The Major Features of Marketing Cloud April 19 Release

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Currently, Salesforce’s latest Marketing Cloud release with the most powerful features is rolling out in the market and has emerged as a secure and simplified platform. Salesforce users, who want to enable their customers to work smarter with the latest versions of data insights, are appreciating this release. The most interesting part is that the latest features of newly-released Marketing Cloud sound more interesting for the end user. Take a ride with many twists and turn on current release features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

Well, read on and find out what Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud new release brings out for the end users.

Powerful Release Features​

Einstein Engagement Frequency

No doubt, customers today receive more messages in their inboxes than ever and it is surely something that is hard to tackle at times. Companies, on the other hand, often struggle to have a clear view of the emails transferred internally.

With the new release, Marketing Cloud offers a customized way to manage the engagement processes of organizations across the world effortlessly.

It is worthwhile to note here that your business may at an increased risk of losing out on potential customers if the target audience is under-targeted. Furthermore, your business email address also runs the risk of being marked as spam if your sales and marketing teams have a habit of bombarding customers’ inboxes on a regular basis. To deal with such situations, Salesforce comes up with solutions to manage the communication strategy: Einstein Engagement Frequency.

Einstein engagement frequency will allow you to identify the right frequency for each consumer. It makes it easy for you to identify the contacts who are receiving fewer emails than others or others who are receiving too many emails.

I also found this feature really exciting as we can now interact with customers through different forms of communications without impacting the unsubscribe rate. Now, we can easily understand at what point contacts become email overloaded and where they are receiving messages.

Another good point is that we can easily target the most active and easily engageable subscribers with additional offers. Additionally, we can even create a data extension for over and under messaged subscribers.

Content Builder

Wasn’t it a head-scratching task to find your emails earlier?

But, now you can locate your emails faster with the Content Builder library. You can click subscriber preview for personalization and code rendered for an individual while creating a message in Content Builder or Journey Builder. By doing this, you can preview the personalized message that will be sent to the subscribers. Earlier, it was difficult to find out emails with different subject lines but now you can easily see the emails with their subject lines.

content builder
Marketing cloud new release

Previously you could only create and send a message using GroupConnect or via Chat Messaging API.  But with the new release Carousel messages in Content Builder, marketers can create up to 10 messages at once with engaging call-to-action buttons.

Email Studio

Email Studio is the new functionality of verifying the sending domain and marketing cloud form addresses by an email admin before emails are sent through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Email studio pic

An account administrator can ensure that only verified sending domains and addresses are being used. It involves a simple process of sending off a verification email to your sending form address and you can have a verified email address just by clicking on the link once the verification email is received.

Do not wait to start verifying your sender profile! Once done, you are free to use the sender profile.

Distributed Marketing

A new marketing cloud solution provides users with more interactive editing flexibility features.

Editing content blocks can also be easier now, and it can be done just by clicking on the area of content that is required to be edited. Furthermore, you can customize your emails with rich formatted text that would surely help in better engagement with the customers and prospects. With linked images, you can direct users to the URL when they click an image. Use the content blocks to add description or guidance text to support business users in the personalization of messages.

Journey Builder

The Journey Builder feature lets you reap the advantages of enhanced journey testing functionality. This, in turn, simulates journeys with real contacts in absolutely no time. Greater confidence before the activation of journeys can be achieved by sending test emails and visualizing the best-possible expected path for each sample contact. Moreover, the Journey Builder feature of the new release supports new attributes and objects within existing and new objects.

Advertising Studio

Salesforce marketing cloud advertising studio helps marketers boost their email marketing goals in a number of ways. For example, you can get email updates on errors and the statuses of journey builder Ad campaign activities.

To turn on error notification, you just need to create a campaign, enable notifications, and provide an email address.

Users can match subscribers through email addresses, mobile ID, and phone numbers. Advertising studio enabled in marketing cloud can now integrate with Google customer match which increases the return on advertising spend and match rates.

Social Studio

With its 2019 new release, Social Studio has some amazing features for the Salesforce users.

Marketing cloud Social Studio

Admins can share their calendars with other workplaces i.e. users in other workplaces can view each other’s published posts. You can now even find out reviews about your brand on other sites. You can even measure the reach of your advertising campaigns and monitor trends while identifying the sentiment of your brand by viewing Instagram Hashtags Performance in Social Studio.

Datorama Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The new update to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a better understanding of the impact of an email through seamless data integration.

Datorama connector for Marketing cloud email allows you to visualize email data with a single click of a button in a pre-packaged dashboard. This means that email data can now be matched with other data so you can get better insights on how much an email will impact the subscribers.


Overall, Salesforce has definitely improved the features and functionalities of its products and solutions.

I am sure you after reading this post, you must have found some great reasons to try out your hands on the latest release of Marketing Cloud.

I am hoping for more wonderful updates with the coming releases in the times to come.

Any questions from the above post? Share via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you are most excited about in the comments!


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